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Rick DeMont a former American competitive swimmer known for his controversial disqualification at the1972 Olympic Games in Munich. He was born in April 21st, 1956 in San Francisco, California. He begancompetitive swimming at the very young age of 7 and held multiple national records in the 10 and under agegroup. At the age of 16, DeMont competed against his rivals in a 400-meter freestyle race where he set a newOlympic world record of 4:00.26. Although this was quiet an achievement for DeMont, he was stripped of hisgold medal due to a positive drug test and was disqualified for his 1500-meter freestyle race. The urine test foundtraces of antiasthma medication, Marax. Marax is a combination of theophylline, ephedrine, and hydroxyzine.Ephedrine is considered an amphetamine related compound that can enhance the performance of an individualand banned by the International Olympic Committee. Even though DeMont had declared his medication prior tothe race on his medical disclosure form, poor management and communication between the U.S. OlympicCommittee (USOC) and IOC had caused this unfortunate outcome. After the 1972 games, his physician Dr. Clarkhad switched his asthma medication to Quibron, a medication that is accepted by the IOC.According to his peers and fellow teammates, DeMont often suffered many asthmatic attacks andexperienced wheezing symptoms. For instance, during his first attendance at the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)nationals in Houston in 1971, he experienced an allergic attack where his performance suffered. Because of this,the team physician prescribed him Marax. The medication did help with his symptoms, however, his performanceonly landed him a fourteenth place in the 1500-meter freestyle race at the AAU nationals. Over a one-year period,2he had climbed the national ranking and became the national 1,500-meter freestyle record holder. Soon after, hequalified as the youngest member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic swim team.The disappointment at the 1972 game did not stop DeMont’s determinant spirit to be the fastest in theworld. At the 1973 World Championships in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, DeMont redeemed himself and obtained agold medal at the 400-meter freestyle race with a swift time of 3:58:18. He was the first man in history to breakthe 4-minute boundary in that race. Furthermore, he was able to best his previous personal best time at the 1500-meter freestyle by 16 seconds.The ultimate question remains, did the ephedrine in DeMont’s Marax medication boost his performanceat the 1972 games? Let us consider the Olympic gold medalist progression of the 400-meters freestyle.

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