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revenue performance of air cargo services providers


“Performance” can be
defined as the ability of something to achieve the goal set in which it be can
seen as the result of the activities within the certain period (J.
Illmer,2011). Performance is  measured in
order to monitor the budgets or targets against actual outcome
from the organization’s activities (Thompson,2017).

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Meanwhile, revenue
can defined as a gross income for company from the normal business ativities
before any expenses have been deducted (McCallig,
J.,2003).Thus, it can be said that revenue performance as the ability of
company to achieve the income goal set in which it be can seen as good growth
income in the company

Business performance
depends upon the business environment. According to Prasad (2015), performance
has direct relationship with the organization in which it is important for the
organization to interact and transact with its environment. According to Kotler
& Armstrong (2004), the effectiveness of the organization create
interaction with its environment will lead to success or failure of its
establishment.They also added that it is crucial for organization to identify
the factors in the environment of 
organization operation. Issac (2013) explain that company is always
affected by its environment. Thus, in order for 
business to grow and prosper they must be able to anticipate, recognise
and deal with change in the internal and external environment.

Issac (2013)
indicates that internal and external environment
will influences all business operation in which it imposes huge impacts on the
scope and direction of the company activities.

Customers is the
backbone for company to derives its revenue through sales of their services and
products (Amit and Zott, 2001). Company also can measures the total
revenue  by calculate quantity of a goods
sold and multiplied by its price before any costs are considered. Besides that,
total revenue also can be increase as the company’s services and products has
the high demand from customers or by raising the price of goods sold. (Tuck,

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