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RetrofittingIntroduction:This article present the use of  Engineered Cementitious Composite in retrofitting and repair.  and 40% of bridges In America are in  deterioration state and  10% of the world GDP is derived from construction & The solution of this lie in the repair and rehabilitation of the infrastructures and  The materials used must be strong enough to sustain loading for a long time so as to control the economy. ECC DesignECC must have the following four properties (a) Higher performance (b)Flexiblity in processing (c) moderate fraction (d) Property (isotropic)  Higher performance is achieved by high ductility and high ductility is achieved by some fibers reinforced concrete (FRCs). we have to design ECC which have all of above properties. This can be done with tailoring process and this process is useful to make sure that each composite phases fiber, matrix  have self parameters.Applications of ECC in retrofitting and repairing:Repair:ECC has unique properties in repair due to its durability and strong bonding, it has observed that bonding  of  the repair materials is weak & leads to failures.There is two reasons behind this failure may be due to fracture process and secondly  materials naturally gave preference to spalling and vice versa. hese problems can be easily solved by ECC.To stimulate the interface defect an initial notch is made on interface and loading is then introduced on that notch, for control examples with concrete with FRC as the repair material, spalling of the stage point offers inclination to wrinkling of the interfacial split into the repair materials.       Retrofit:Numerous working in USA and Japan have open bar section outlines which might be loaded with non basic distributing dividers. For building wellbeing amid seismic stacking, the need of retrofitting of such structures is perceived by shear basic dividers. One probability is mineral throwing of ECC boards nearby. Kabele el at examined the disappointment of ECC board through FEM. For the ECC board the pressure fixation is calmed by the strain dispersion procedure of the ECC. ECC board really bombed because of compressive strain limit being surpassed at disappointment three groups of microcracks have shaped.  Second SummaryThe examination on seismic retrofit of existing structures in Japan was begun in late 1968 after Tokachi-oki quake .A considerable measure of structures are harmed because of these tremors then these structures were destroyed which was a tremendous misfortune to nation economy so by retrofitting we case spare a basically measure of cash. So then countless were begun to examine the seismic conduct of retrofitted structures and early considered was about the outline of existing fortified solid structures.Retrofit strategy and techniques:1) Aims of retrofitThe points of seismic retrofit is to give (an) Expanded quality (b)increased flexibility (c) Legitimate blend of these two highlights to fulfill the required seismic limit as indicated by the benchmarks for seismic limit assessment. The mix of quality and pliability includes the best possible harmony amongst quality and solidness. It is likewise critical to diminish capriciousness because of the unpredictable dispersion of solidness in the entire structure. 2)Construction techniques: Malleability of section might be expanded by the jacketing methods, the segment is jacketed with cement or steel encasement . by expanding malleability prompts expanding shear limit giving new concrete and fortification. It is importqant to give a tight hole toward the finish of steel or cement used to dodge undesired increment in shear constrain. Glass fibreIntroduction  Glass fleece, which is generally known as glass fiber today be that as it may, was imagined in 1938 by Russel Amusements Stayler and he utilized glassfibre for the protection purposes.Types of Fiber:Steel fiber, glass fiber ,polypropylene fiber, asbestos fiber, natural fiber, vegetable fiber, carbon fiber and polyester fiber and so on are different kinds of fibre accessible around the globe. Fiber innovation is the a standout amongst the most developing and quickly developing advances today. There are right now 200,000 metric huge amounts of filaments utilized for solid support.Types of glass fiber:A-Glass: with respect to its sythesis, it is near window glass. In Germany it is for the most part utilized as a part of the fabricate of process hardware. C-Glass: This sort of glass demonstrates better protection from substance affect. E-Glass: This sort of glass joins the qualities of C-glass with great protection to power. AE-Glass: Antacid protection glass.Propertoes of glass fiber:• Thermal: Glass filaments are valuable warm protectors in light of their high proportion of surface territory to weight. By catching air inside them, glass fiber make great warm protection with warm conductivity of the request of 0.05 W/(m·K).  • Tensile: The quality of glass is typically tried and revealed for immaculate fibers(those that have quite recently been fabricated). The freshest, most slender strands are the most grounded in light of its high pliability.   Applications of glass fibre: Results at28 days:  

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