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Research question1. Dose training and development have an effect on the employee’s performancefor the achievement of IBOC goals?2. Is there relationship between training strategy and improve of employee’sperformance?3. Is there a relationship between using modern technology as a basis to improve ofemployee’s performance level?HypothesisHypothesis 1H0: there is no relation between T and D, and performance of employees forachievement IBOC goals.H1: there is significant relation between T and D, and performance of employeesfor achievement IBOC goals.Hypothesis 2H0: there is no relation between training strategy and improve of employee’sperformance.H1: there is significant relation between training strategy and improve ofemployee’s performants.Hypothesis 3H0: there is no relation between using modern technology as a basis to improve ofemployee’s performance level.H1: there is significant relation between using modern technology as a basis toimprove of employee’s performance level.Literature summaryTo create a more accurate picture of the subject of the study we will mention themost relevant studies, which are as follows:First study Al Kubaisi study (2002) knowledge management and its effects inorganizational creativity.A comparative study of a sample of companies in the mixed industrial sector inIraq.This study aimed to identify the effect of knowledge management in theorganizational creativity.This study has reached several conclusions:1. companies don’t benefit from the implicit knowledge base for their organizationby converted it into visible knowledge.2. not to benefit from the adoption of knowledge in the field of technologicalinnovations to introduce new products or to make improvements from oldproducts.3. in ability in an investment of the available visible knowledge which has toimprove the creative capabilities of its managers through strengthen their ability tosolve problems and take the right decisions or support the spirit of risk.-it didn’t invest its ability in study and analysis the market, knowledge thecustomers and knowledge the right method, but it invested that knowledge inadoption more of the creative management which is presented in delete anddevelop section and managerial departments in its organizational structure fit withwork nature.Another study made by (Gasco, 2004) the use of information technology intraining human resources: An e-learning case study.-this paper addresses the influence of information technology in human resourcesmanagement policy through the experience of a Spanish telecommunications firm,Telefonica.The characteristics of the training model designed by this firm to face newenvironment is considered and the technology used the key actions, thedisadvantages and success factors are detected in trying to grow an e-learningcompany.Success factors in training policy are identified these include flexibility in timemanagement for training.Active participation by trainers. The establishment of control mechanisms thatinsure training occurs. The creation interactive elements among trainers. Studentsand with each other, the use of standardized and developed technologies andgradual implementation objectives of the company for the future are to maintainprogress in the use of E-learning as a way of adapting the training process to thenew E-business culture.The model of the studyTraining and Development?Identification of needs?Choose trainers?Design of training courses?Use of modern technologiesResearch methodImproveemployeeperformanceThe researcher will depend the Qualitative method, and the study community isBasra oil company, and the study sample consists of the employees in thecompany, The questionnaire will be distributed to employees there, The reason forchoosing a particular category of a company is to improve the performance of employees.

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