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Research from a board variation of  assembled and  valid sources was gathered to assist in  gaining  knowledge and making original fusion cuisines .”Culture and Customs of Saudi Arabia” By David E. Long supply significant information about Saudi Arabian ancient history, including cultural overviews of the country, with the ultimate wisdom of the Middle Eastern power. This source is beneficial that it supports the goal of creating a Middle Eastern cuisine that will be fused with other cultures because it provides fundamental knowledge to merge cultures. As an “anonymous” Saudi writer once said, “The modern Hijazi merchant class has adapted and adopted many foreign dishes from Egypt, Syria, Turkey, India, Indonesia and Central Asia, for diversity and change.” The exotic dishes were learned and assimilated that so wholly today it is difficult to think of those dishes as foreign. The evolution of the traditional of Saudi cuisines, as well the Saudi culture, in general, began with native people adapting to the environment. The Islamic dietary laws have also influenced the local cuisines. The Islamic nutritional laws are historically related to the earlier Arabian and Jewish dietary rules, due to the essential foods that were available at that time. This book as given information of the Islamic dietary laws and the assimilation of cultures and food which assisted into looking more in-depth into each religion to see if is from the actual culture or adapted.W. Scott Haine published the book, “Culture and Customs of France.” A publication gives valuable insight into the meaning behind the French cuisines.  The elite French cuisine, also known as Haute Cuisine,  famous throughout the world perhaps that is the most dominant aspect of the French culture. As food historian Stephen Mennell has noted, “what the world thinks of as “Nouvelle Cuisine” is but the most recent revolution/renovation in French food.” The book holds erudition on the French origin that has a unique culture, and that is how the French cuisines are diverse and complex. A group of people considered that the cooking of France would be the finest in the world. Traditionally, French cuisine is divided into an assortment of culinary regions that food for each region’s unique to various of people. The book provides an in-depth understanding of the French cuisines and that each of the french dishes was diverse.   “Culture and  Customs of Pakistan” a book by: Iftikhar H. Malik, This source provides cultural background as it exposes a range of folk traditions that coincide with modern influences with globalization. It gives an insight look on Pakistani cuisines and  cultures for diversity throughout with the richness of the past and the present. The Pakistani  cuisines have a multi-combination native indus valley  traditions  that has strong and healthy mughal imprint. Pakistani crossroads in the middle of Southern, Central and Western Asia that have several successive centuries that result in a cuisine that is the combination of several dietary of traditions.  This book provides clear explanations of the history of culture and cuisines in Pakistan. This source is useful due it supplies helpful information on the traditions and the fusion of the Middle of Southern, Central and Western Asia in their cuisines. The website “Random History” supplies an overview of the origin and history of Italian Food. It includes the culinary of Italian history that was a deeply obligated to over cross-cultural currents. The website has an importance of teaching others about the Italian background and it helps to provide an opportunity to gain information to teach others.Providing information on  “How cuisines developed in Italy during the Middle Ages?”(Random History ) . The Italian cuisines often have specific characteristics that are traced to certain  regions. These characteristics are often a great variety of different ingredients that are commonly used varying from vegetables, fruits,sauces, meats and types of cheeses.These Italy’s cuisines itself has a diverse and a varied, complex history. The website  gives knowledge about the “Book of Cooking” (The Liber De Coquina) it’s from the late thirteenth century that was also considered as the oldest book on the “Italian Cuisines” and that includes styles and manners that were from over the country that contained elements of the Roman Style. This website supplies remarkable information that supports the goal of investigating  Middle Eastern, Italian, French and  Pakistani cuisines to create an interactive cookbook.     The website of “Food and Cultural Identity” from “Florencia Sepulveda” gave insight into cultural identity through food.This website has an importance of teaching people that food represents the cultural identities of a variety of people.  As James Beard once quoted, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” Food has been in  middle stage of building a culture and the society. Food has been at the centre of the stage in the construction of society and culture. The food process of how a cuisine  are produce, prepare and consumed food are made from various of series of symbols of where people belong, or even what they believe. Cuisines express individuals and their collective identities and are evidence of the history. As “Florencia Sepulveda” stated, “The food had become defined the social, Cultural and religious practices that relate to the production and the consumption of the food.” This source is remarkably valuable because it provided substantial evidence about cultural identity represented through food.

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