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are like maps. They are confusing and sometimes get people lost, but it’s worth
it because there is a reason behind everybody’s destination. But, sometimes,
people read maps wrong and it can take them on the wrong rout for small amount
of time and the driver will keep going because it seems like the right way,
only to realize at some point, they have been going the wrong way this whole
time.  Love and infatuation relate to
this situation immensely. “I love you” is extremely a common phrase that is
used by millions of people around the world, even animals can express it.
Often, it’s said between partners or family members and has a sincere meaning
to it. But how can someone tell the difference between love and infatuation?
The beginning of any relationship usually starts out effortless, but what
happens when the relationship starts to hit rough patches? In other words, How
does one know if they are reading their map right? Thankfully, there are signs
that can help people get back on track. From the signs I’ve seen, love is known
for being selfless and enduring, while infatuation is known for being short
term and selfish.

  Love is selfless and enduring for multiple
reasons. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all seek love. In fact, most of
us have experienced it. From the moment humans are born, parents feel that
intense, but enchanting feeling in their hearts, knowing that this feeling will
last forever and will give anything to make sure this child has a wonderful
life. But, if humans are fortunate enough, they get experience that love with a
significant other. When it comes to loving another person, sacrifices need to
be made; it’s just how it goes. The sacrifices can be as small, such as going
to his or hers favorite restaurant, just because seeing a smile on their face
is worth it. It’s that simple.  Relationships
can come with more extreme sacrifices, such as, long distance. This would be
considered more extreme because you do not get to see the one you love every
waking moment, but if it’s love, people can grow to be ok with the situation
and know that everything will be ok in the long run. After all, distance does
make the heart grow fonder. Furthermore, love can last until the end of time,
as well. All relationships run into problems at some point, sometimes more than
20 times. There’s yelling, there’s pacing, sometimes even the occasional “I
need time to think”, but coming together and working out those problems is key
because that’s what keeps a relationship running. Also, seeing an 80 year old
couple walking around and holding hands is a clear definition of love,
especially, the kind that is everlasting. People usually know what love feels
like, but when infatuation joins the picture it can become unclear to what
someone may feel.

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is short term and selfish, but we often confuse that as love. When
it comes to infatuation, I think of Romeo and Juliet. Their “love” was self-
centered and ended quickly due to death. Most people consider this a love
story, but after doing some research, that so called romantic tail would run under
the definition of infatuation. The reason why infatuation tends to be short
term is because it is based off of physical attraction, but have the illusion
that there is more to the relationship. Some couples start to trick themselves
into believing that they have those feelings of love but they are only in the
relationship for themselves. When it comes to infatuation, couples will often
do things to make their significant other angry, just to get a negative
reaction from them, which is why one of them will walk out of the relationship
as soon as possible. Infatuation feeds off attention the way mosquitos feed off
humans, but mosquitos aren’t year round, therefor, infatuation doesn’t last.
There are also times where people become extremely selfish when they are
infatuated with someone. They will start asking you to cancel plans with
friend, sometimes even family, just to fulfill their needs. But, the thing is their
needs will never be filled, because they need the feeling of being desired.
Sometimes, infatuations consist of giving up certain hobbies, because it can
take time out of the relationship, which is absolutely ridiculous, but in that
kind of mind set, it’s considered love. Being infatuated doesn’t make someone a
bad person, but it is an opportunity to learn from the experience and get the
chance to know what love is.

the signs makes it easier to read a map. It is clear that love is selfless and
enduring and infatuation is short term and selfish. Finding the difference
between love and infatuation can be difficult. It takes time to make it to your
destination even if the road gets bumpy, but once again, it is worth it. Also,
getting lost happens, but making sure the driver looks at the map and the signs
along the way is the key to make it that specific destination.





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