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surveys on mobile tourist guides have already been published. In the following,
we report on this by distinguishing between closely related surveys exploring
mobile tourist guides with specific relevance to travelers as well as local
literature on mobile tourist guides.

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Tourism and Mobile Technology

tourism sector is one of the world’s most important economic division (S.
Alshattnawi, 2013) as can be seen with world-wide efforts to promotes one’s
country and natural tourist spots. Thus an assessment of tourist demand and use
for travel guides was researched by Dr. James Hanrahan and Peter D. Krahenbuhl
(2013) which showed that travelers use hard copies and tangible travel guides,
often visit the tourist information desk, and ranked the third was a travel

However, as
the world moves to a fast paced motion of technological change, mobile phones
and internet access is a must. There is continuous rising in the number of
mobile computing applications, centered on the people’s daily life (Dadape
Jinendra R., Jadhav Bhagyashri R., Gaidhani Pranav Y., Vyavahare Seema U.,
& AchaliyaParag N, 2012). Therefore, it is extremely important to be in
touch with the latest technological trends and have the knowledge required to
effectively respond to the challenges of global competition (Ivica Batinic,
2013). It presents an opportunity for developing innovative mobile tourism
services for tourism-related organizations that could increase market share,
enhance and update the perceived quality of information and services by

In the study of Wahidah
Husain et. al. (2012), the use of blogs, forums, websites of
points of interest can help the tourists to find tourism information. Though,
information run-off can occur on the internet. In the travel industry,
development of mobile tourism happens. During a trip, tourists needs to attain
tour information in a timely manner. Modified recommendation of tour data is
vibrant for mobile users, because of a small screen size and includes a nice
presentation of appropriate information. (PTLTRS) mobile application is a
unique service which can recommend to users’ personalized tour information
during a trip through their mobile phone. 

According to M.U.E.
Wijesuriya et. al.
(2013) it is important
that the users have the basic idea on using an android mobile device and also,
they should be aware with the English language. Also, the user needs to be in a
place where the mobile device receives GPS data accurately in order to use the
location based services. Likewise, in order to communicate between the mobile
device and the server, the system needs a better network connection. Otherwise it
takes a long time to receive the data from database. It also states here that it is more convenient to use a
mobile device than using a booklet since the tourists can easily install the
application and use it without much difficulty.

Wang, Dan, et al. (2012) States that mobile devices have
evolved to be smart computers (smartphones) having a wide variety of
information services that is accessible anytime and anywhere.
(Dickinson, Janet E., et al. 2014) With a
greater invasion into people’s life and with the growing number of users, smartphones have the potential to
influence the touristic experience. In their study, the results reveal that
smartphones can change tourists’ behavior (Koo, Chulmo, et al. 2013) and emotional states. The study
enables tourists to efficiently solve problems, store memories, and share
experiences by addressing a wide variety of information needs; in particular,
the instant information support of smartphones.

In the study of Kevin Hufnagle (2014), creating an Android
smartphone application is a great help to facilitate record of a place and
create a shared experience of that place. This application allows users to
explore historical details, basic facts, photographs and traveler’s experiences
regarding New Englands 177 coastal lighthouses. He also conducted two surveys
and five usability studies by using three image-processing algorithms to serve
as a photograph filters to inform interactive, audience involved application

Alexander Smirnov presents the category classification of
mobile travel applications that is accessible for tourists in application
stores (Android and iOS). According on his study, there are four main mobile
travel applications categories. It is the Information Resources, Online
Booking, Trip Journals and Location-Based Services. He stated that the most
interesting category is Travel guides that combines Location-Based Services and
Information Resources category.

In the
study of Vert, Silviu, et al. (2014) augmented reality has the potential of enhancing the
environments of the tourist in an eloquent way (Yovcheva, et al. 2012). Mobile augmented reality is a
natural fit for tourism applications and services, being regarded as having a
significant impact in this area, due to its ability of enhancing the
surroundings of the tourist.

Research by Neal Lathia, Licia Capra
(2012) on Advanced Traveller Information Systems (ATIS) when travelers are well
informed, it will help them to decide their travel better. In relevant to their
own mobility, travelers need to access and assess the information quickly and
without more difficulties.


One of the nine (9) towns of Ifugao Province, Banaue, is
world-famous and a must-see place. Its Rice Terraces considered as the
“Eighth Wonder of the World” and declared as a World Heritage Site,
are beautiful stairways to the sky that ascend steep mountain sides (DOT,

The Banaue Rice Terraces
has been featured for many times on various shows. One of which is the GMA Show
called “Biyahe ni Drew” last June 2015. Major local destinations, activities,
accommodations, delicacies and tribal shows were all shown on the show.

technological pacing in the town has been on a slow track. Thus, there is no
comprehensive online website or application that equips tourists with advance
knowledge on vital aspects such as tour packages, tour guides, activities and
the like that may enhance tourist stay. Accordingly, it is the focus of the
researchers to be able to come up with a basic application which may cater to
the said deficiency.


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