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As far as routing of different network applications are concerned,
volumes of

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simulation experiments have been performed to investigate the routing
behavior of different routing protocols with much of the studies being centered
on OSPF, IS–IS, and EIGRP due to their scalability over other routing
protocols. Oftentimes, simulation results show that EIGRP performs better than
both OSPF and IS–IS. However, EIGRP is a proprietary protocol and does not
support multi–vendor deployment. The choice is now left between OSPF and IS–IS
because they are open standard protocols. Also, a survey of related works
indicated that only little is done to compare these protocols in IPv6 even as
the internet gradually transit towards

the new generation internet protocol. These studies are recalled as

Pandey et al. (2015) have performed a simulation based comparative study
for OSPF,

IS–IS, EIGRP and the combinations of EIGRP_IS–IS and OSPF_IS–IS using

simulator. In their study, throughput, database, http object and email
download response times were the parameters used to measure the performance of
these protocols and their 13 combinations. In all their five scenarios,
simulation results show that the performance of the EIGRP_IS–IS protocol
combination is better than the rest.

Roussinos (2014) also measured the performance of IS–IS and OSPF in a
dual stack

enterprise network using OPNET. The main parameters he used to measure
the performance of both protocols were convergence duration, routing table
size, end to end delay, jitter, and throughput. Results obtained from his
simulation show that performance of IS–IS outweighs that of OSPF. Based on his
findings, he concluded that IS–IS is a good choice for dual–stack enterprise
networks than OSPF.

Kaur, & Singh (2014) have carried out a simulation based performance
analysis of

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