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Reflective account

In this self-reflective account I am going to talk about
psychometric tests and my personal experience trying them. I attempted the
psychometric tests on Sunday 19th November 2017. This was my first
time attempting these kinds of tests so I didn’t really know how to prepare.

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Psychometric tests are used to measure a range of skills
such as verbal, numerical, logical reasoning tests etc. the benefits of these
tests is that it provides an accurate summary of a potential employee’s skills
and abilities (Steggles, 2014).

For the verbal reasoning test I achieved 46th
percentile on my first attempt. My accuracy was 62% and my speed was 100%. Upon
completing the test I didn’t really agree with the answers at the end and I
felt as though my answers were more justifiable. I also thought gaining 46th
percentile for my first attempt at this was very good as that number will only
improve in the future. To improve at this test I intend to improve my vocabulary
by reading as much as I can whilst making a word bank, trying to use a new word
each day. Also, I would like to try some puzzles and crosswords and read more
challenging magazines and articles (Healy, 2008).

For my numerical reasoning test I achieved 8th
percentile on my first attempt with an accuracy of 30% and speed of 55% and 39th
percentile on my second with an accuracy of 50% and speed of 70%. During this
test I felt as though I should have been making notes of working out rather than
doing it all in my head as some of the information I worked out in earlier
questions was used again later in the test. Also, I found it hard to understand
the tables and charts, I was able to do the maths but had spent too long trying
to figure out what the question was asking. I intend to take up Sudoku as my
hobby in an effort to improve my decision making and exercise my brain (Healy,

For my logical reasoning test I achieved 2nd
percentile on my first attempt with an accuracy of 28% and speed of 92%. On my
second attempt I achieved 14th percentile with an accuracy of 42%
and speed of 92%, third attempt 99th percentile with accuracy of
100% and speed of 100%. During the first attempt I had no idea what kind of
relationship or sequence I was supposed to find with the shapes as there
weren’t any kind of instructions. However, after looking at the answers it
became clearer what I was supposed to do and reattempted the test to show my
understanding. I will try and do as much of these tests I can to become even
more familiar with this kind of test (Parkinson, 2004).

For my situational judgement test I achieved 58th
percentile. To improve I would like to learn from more experienced and
successful individuals and ask what they would do in a particular work related
situation and why. (Edenborough, 2010)

The next time I attempt these test I will:

Sleep for at least 8 hours the night before 

Have a good breakfast and have a bottle of water
to hand so I stay hydrated during the test

Bring enough paper and stationary for rough notes

Take the test in a comfortable environment with
minimal distractions

Make sure I am well and healthy

Use a calculator where possible

Have comfort breaks between tests so I don’t get
worn out

Read the whole question carefully multiple times

(, n.d.)

Overall, I will try to attempt as many of these tests as I
possibly can as this will increase my chances of employability.



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