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Recruitment StrategiesHow do we know if the candidate standing in front of us is suitable for a position? There are many levels to consider when looking for the “right” employee, but the responsibility falls on the human resource department. It is the human resource specialist that is responsible for hiring a qualified candidate for the position within the company. In which the specialist must make sure that the “right” candidate is chosen for the position. There are many different recruitment strategies that businesses can choose from when trying to attract potential candidates for specific positions based off qualifications needed for the job.Recruitment is the process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate for a job opening, quickly and efficiently.  According to Candidate Manager, “During the 1980’s the emphasis was on hiring exceptional individuals; whereas the 90’s called for more team oriented people to fill key roles within organizations. Today many companies are only looking for a specific set of skills in a potential employee, but a wider range of general competencies and talents” (2016). The recruitment process has multiple steps that take place when hiring which include reviewing all qualifications of the job, gathering employees to apply for the job, interviewing and screening applicants, hiring, and training new employees so they can feel confident when integrated into the organization. Along with this process is several different recruitment strategies that companies can choose from which include informal and formal methods of recruitment. There are two types of methods of recruitment; informal and formal. Informal recruitment provides more benefits for the business since it maximizes the job search and allows them to find better applicants for the job. In addition, the informal recruitment method is more cost effective for most companies. Formal recruitment is based on having the right job specifications as well as the right advertising strategy. It typically relies on having the proper software and technology to process candidates through the system.Furthermore, the informal method has multiple ways of recruiting new candidates for a job. Most common form is word-of-mouth, which is one of the most powerful methods of communicating potential job opportunity. According to Heneman III, Judge, and Kammeyer-Mueller (2018) word of mouth refers to ” The informal information regarding an organization’s reputation, employment practices, and policies that can exert a powerful impact on job seekers’ impressions on an employer”(p. 234).  In other words, word of mouth happens naturally when an employee reveals the good merits the business they currently or previously worked for to their friends and family. This form of recruitment can also lead to employee referrals which is also known as another form of informal recruitment.In addition to word-of-mouth, employee referrals play a huge role in employee recruitment. Present employees that show dedicated to their job will often refer people they think share the same interest of work. Also good employees tend to vouch for good candidates because they value their reputation at their current employer. Coming from a recruiting site such as LinkedIn employee referrals are less expensive than going through an online recruiting agency. In the article “Here is Why Employee Referrals are the Best Way to Hire” discusses,” If a typical agency charges a fee of 20 percent of a hire’s first-year salary, that could be $20,000 for a single $100,000 hire. Even if you gave your employee a $2,000 referral bonus for successfully recommending a new hire, that’s an $18,000 savings, compared to hiring through an agency”(2015).The referred hire will start the job faster than someone off a recruiting site and are less likely to leave the company. It could be that they feel more comfortable asking questions and concerns to their fellow coworker opposed to their boss. Another reason why the referred hire is less likely to leave the company is because they feel they have to live up to the expectations of the employee who referred them. Lastly, social networking sites may also be considered a type of informal recruitment. Millennials often turn to the social media sites when looking for their future career opportunities. In order to effectively recruit, companies should actively use popular social media sites, such as, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to represent their company. Rohampton mentions, “Eighty-six percent of working people who are in their first decade of employment will use social media to look for jobs and research employers” (2017).After the company has established itself on social media, they can motivate their current millenials to share their positive work experiences. Recruiting millennials through social media is the perfect route to go. When it comes to formal recruitment there are several different types businesses can choose. One that is pretty popular is niche job sites which is used for larger job boards and applicants using these sites have less competition for available jobs than they would using well-known job boards. Some examples of niche sites are used for government positions, focuses on sale positions, and is geared for financial services positions all of which are targeted towards certain jobs.  Heneman III, Judge, and Kammeyer-Mueller (2018) states through niche recruiting, employers can search for candidates for specialized positions and can cater to specific diversities. Most niche job sites are focused towards specific demographics such as African Americans, Hispanics and even women. It was also surveyed that applicants feel that companies that advertise on this type of website are geared towards having diversity in the workplace (p.238). The niche sites provides a simple way for employers to find strong candidates for a specific position. On the other hand traditional job fairs are open to a vast amount of potential candidates. During these events employers are able to meet face to face with dozens of candidates in hopes to find a long term employee for their company. Job fairs provide a chance for businesses to provide information about their business, collect resumes, and screen applicants. This is also a good time to create brand awareness by giving items such as keychains, mugs, and pencils with your company logo on them to remind applicants of your job opportunities.

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