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Reclaiming Your Looks: How Simple Changes Improve Body Image After Cancer Treatment


Cancer doesn’t have to define a person. Hair and weight loss, however, can take a toll on a person’s mindset. Taking control of their lives at this point is paramount to success. The cancer might be in remission, but patients’ bodies are still recovering from the common symptoms. It’s time to reclaim that beauty in each patient. Learn more about body image and how each patient can emerge stronger than before with a few tips.

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Starting at the Head


Negative, body images can occur at nearly any age when cancer is involved, reports the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Patients feel this effect very strongly when the hair on their heads begins to fall out. Improve that body image by accessorizing. Wear a wig, scarf or fun hat. Switch out these accessories each day. Most acquaintances will think that the switches are simply fashion choices. Cancer patients have a chance to feel normal as they go about their daily tasks.


Accenting With Makeup Tricks


It’s not just the hair on the head that seems to disappear overnight. Eyelashes and eyebrows start to diminish. Look into makeup tricks to fill in the gaps. The hair will return in time, but the makeup helps during the interim. Keep in mind that men may be wary about using makeup as a way to fill in the eyebrows, reports the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Every patient should choose the beauty pathway that makes them feel the most comfortable in their skin.


Heading Out to the Mall


When patients are dealing with a cancer diagnosis, shopping is the last thing on their minds. During recovery, however, shopping for specific items can actually improve the mindset. Pick out items that were normally on the “want list” instead of the “need list.” A few luxury items perks up the patients as they deal with more serious issues. As long as the shopping doesn’t get out of hand, it’s worth the extra spending.


Concentrating on Healthy Foods


Weight loss is a common issue among cancer patients. Get the mind and body back on track by focusing on healthy foods. Eat as much produce as possible while adding in lean proteins. Stay away from fatty foods that don’t offer many vitamins or minerals too. By eating many healthy foods, the body has enough nutrients to grow strong while supplying the mind with good-feeling hormones.


Exercising for Strength


Most people exercise for weight loss. Cancer patients need the activity for strength purposes. Focus on lightweight, resistance moves that exercise the muscles. Grow the muscles so that the bones respond with thicker densities than before. The extra strength gives patients confidence so that they can continue fighting their ailment. The extra strength pays off in mental positivity after only one workout.


Feeling good as a cancer patient takes considerable effort. Be positive with each passing day because healthy living fights off a possible recurrence. Although tough days will be part of life, feeling confident about one’s self is half the battle. Patients can emerge triumphant against their diagnoses.



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