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taking a picture has become an irresistible fad. Snapping a photo of people,
places and selfies are so naturally essential. Breathtaking sceneries and
memorable occasions could be captured and preserved for the future. People and
memories are frozen in time through snapshots. All these are possible because
of photography.


what is photography and why did it suddenly become eminent and trendy these

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is the art or practice of processing and creating images or photographs using
camera lens that captures the light emitted from targeted objects or often
referred to as subjects. The word photograph was popularized by Sir John
Herschel in 1839. It is derived from the Greek words phos which means light and graphe
meaning drawing or writing.


internet era promoted the digital photography that led to the embrace of
digital prints, saved as graphic formats like JPEG, TIFF and Raw files. In
1992, Tim Berners-Lee was the first to publish a photograph on the web. Since
then, the web has been a popular medium for storing and sharing photos. Picasa,
Flickr and PhotoBucket are some of the known sited used by people for sharing
photos. Advancements in mobile technology has also made possible creating
built-in camera into smart phones.  With
that, almost everyone is exposed and can enjoy fair and easy access to


snapshot is a reflection of the world. Here are 11 different genres of
photography that we can draw inspiration from and tips on how to achieve extraordinary


Sports Photography. This type of photography
covers action and everything related to sports. It involves getting up-close
and personal to capture legendary figures in action and notable moments. Catching
the sharpness in motion is very challenging and shutter speed is crucial.
Panning is one technique that shows a sharp subject with a blurred
background indicating speed.  


Architectural Photography. Architecture is
everywhere and could be as diverse as the complex façade of buildings or
simple as a part of an interior design. A picture of unique shapes, colors
and forms of structures are visibly fascinating. Albeit tricky in nature, the
secrets to a stunning architectural photo can be achieved with proper
framing and lighting.


Nature Photography. This genre covers all about
natural environment such as landscape, wildlife, bodies of water and
underwater. Landscape is quite popular because it captures the beauty of
the surroundings, devoid of human activity. Popular subjects may be
mountains, seasons, fields and gardens. To have an impressive landscape
photo, consider where to place the horizon in the frame and wait for the
right natural light. Wildlife photography on the other hand is concerned
with photographing animals in their natural habitat. This is indeed
promising but very challenging because it requires proper technical skills
and patience. Special camera lens is mandatory as well as being in the
right place at the right time to shoot a great wildlife photo. Underwater
photography is gaining notoriety nowadays because it offers rare and
exciting opportunities to capture the water world. Waterproof cameras can
be used to photograph marine life and submerged shipwrecks. To achieve
one-of-a-kind underwater image, either try to get a macro image or show
some scale to illustrate the size of the subject. 


People Photography. People’s moods and expressions
are beguiling to capture. This type falls under two categories depending
on the subject’s awareness: portraits or candid. Solo portraiture is
mostly a close-up photo, emphasizing every detail of the subject’s
face.  Taking group or family
portrait is hard and needs imagination and patience to get an image where
everyone looks good. Candid photography captures naturally fleeting
moments and the subject is usually unaware. The shots are unplanned but
captured the purest emotion of the subject. To take better portrait or
candid photo, make sure that the subject is relaxed and turn off the camera


Special Events Photography. Corporate affairs,
concerts, parties, festivals and wedding are part of this genre. Among
these, the wedding photography is gaining instant popularity these days
and couples are willing to pay premium just to capture this one-time event.
 This may be considered the most
overwhelming because a lot of things happen at the same time.  Although great photos are important,
always keep in mind that the attendees enjoying the event are the
priority. Dress appropriately and be smart quick in taking pictures.


Street Photography. This type of photography
captures the daily life in public spaces. This serves as an observation of
every small aspect around that is constantly being neglected.  The fishing technique is one classic
approach in street photography. This is to identify an interesting
background, leading lines and billboards then create juxtaposition with
the subject that enters the frame.


Food Photography. This genre focuses on creating
attractive and mouth-watering still life images of food. Used primarily
for commercial purposes such as advertisement, magazines, packaging and
books to attract customers or consumers. With the advent of social media
platforms, almost everyone also had been sharing the food being served at
home or in a restaurant for personal reasons. To get the desired food
photograph, minimize the clutter and take pictures under natural light.


Fashion Photography. This genre is devoted to
showcase clothing and other fashion items a la mode for used originally in
advertising or fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue and Vanity Fair. Fashion
photos must convey an essence of authority because it is created to allure
customers to follow the fad. Hashtag #OOTD or outfit of the day had been
quite familiar in this digital age. Creativity is one secret to get the
best concept in fashion photography.


Macro Photography. This kind of photography is the
extreme close-up of tiny subjects. Popular subjects include flowers,
raindrops and insects or a part of them.  This is great to bring out the detail of
the subject. Try shooting the subject in a peculiar angle and consider the
focus when working up-close with very small subjects.


Scientific Photography. This makes use of advanced
imaging techniques, such as ultraviolet, infrared or thermal imaging, to
capture images for medical or scientific data. This may not be as popular
as the other genre but the images play very vital roles in consumer
products, public policy and health issues. Usually, scientific
photographers have educational background in engineering, biology,
chemistry or medicine.


Aerial Photography. This genre is about capturing
the view on the ground from the air, making use of drones or any flying
things. This focus on topography, covering a wide area than specific
details of the subject. Use a wide angle lens and fast shutter speed are
the keys to capture the best aerial photos.



photography is becoming in demand lately. This had become a famous leisure time
activity and a hobby junction. According to a survey, many young adults
consider this profession a status symbol and camera became one of the most
precious possessions.


the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Destin Sparks believes
that every photo has a story that people fail to put into words. This only
shows that there are things that can be effectively conveyed using pictures
than to describe with words.  So enjoy
taking as much photos as possible and capture life story through pictures.


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