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Recently I did Roopkund trek which was my maiden high-altitude trek. In many ways, it was special and gave me plenty of time to reflect upon various aspects of life and lives around us. I found trek or the summit is very much relatable to the career goals that we all are trekking up to. If we look carefully trekking does give a perspective that can be adopted in building an enriching and fulfilling career. It’s not a race to the top: This was the first lesson that we were taught on the first day of the trek. It acted like a baseline for rest of the things to fall in place. It helped everyone focus on their own journey to the summit where in a race one keeps a constant check of how others are doing. It adds on the unnecessary anxiety and pressure to do better than others. Similarly, we can focus on our own career rather than unnecessarily wasting efforts to keep other’s progress in check. Remember everyone trained differently, everyone’s physical and mental abilities differ therefore appreciate other’s progress and focus on yours. Acclimatize to the new altitude via short experiences: During the high-altitude trek, mostly! rest day is used to go up to a new altitude to spend the afternoon and come down to base to sleep at a lower altitude. This experience helps body acclimatize to make this new altitude as the next base. Similarly, one should focus to gain short experiences before making the base to a new career height for a sustainable altitude gain.  Mental Strength Vs Physical Strength: Mental strength is more essential than physical skill but it can’t replace it. It’s like an aerodynamic design can help cars get better performance from a particular car’s engine but it can’t replace the engine. In our career, we put a lot of efforts to gain domain expertise which to prove the point can be assumed equivalent to physical strength. However, we miss to train/better ourselves on softer aspects which are to do with emotional and attitude readiness. Involve with the fellow trekkers to enjoy the experience: Every one of us has our own summit to achieve and everybody’s journey has their own challenges, joys and gains. It’s important to get involved with others and get to know them more, cherish the time and each other’s accomplishments to make it an enriching experience. This becomes easy when we stop looking at it as a race rather respect and appreciate everyone’s journey. Eyes on the steps and vision on the goal: It’s important to see the summit or the ultimate goal to get motivated and inspired however in each moment the focus should be to down and watch every single step otherwise any step can be a fetal to kill the whole journey. We do at time find ourselves in such situation where we keep thinking about the goal and forget to focus on the opportunity in hands. Instead we should all the time be focused about the given opportunity and during reflection and rest breaks should do a distance/direction check with the summit. Summit can either be overwhelming or disappointing only if you didn’t enjoy the journey:It’s not about saving up all the celebrations for the summit. The view or the experience that you are expecting might not meet your expectations when you reach the summit owing to so many reasons out of your control. Hence, it’s important to enjoy and mesmerize the experience and journey all the way to the summit. Not everyone gets to reach the summit but all gets the equal opportunities to find joys on the way.

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