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research by CNN shows that, 35% of women around the world have experienced sexual
or physical violence and 120 million girls have experienced forced sex. The
#metoo movement spread virally in October 2017 following the tweet of actress
Alyssa Milano. She encouraged women to share their stories of sexual violence
to give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem. By the end of the day,
the phrase “Me Too” had been used more than 200,000 times and tweeted more than
500,000 times by October 16. Though the numbers are rising rapidly, many
believe that the movement is ridiculous and just another way for women to
attract attention. However, the #metoo campaign is important because it allows
the survivors of sexual assault or harassment to come forward, brings the harsh
realities of society to the surface and encourages others to hand out the right
equity. Although, this will not stop the occurrences immediately, it will urge
people to take this matter seriously and make our society safer for women.

the campaign is justified because it enables the victims of violence to share
their story without any fear of judgment or criticism. One study in 2003 found
that 75% of women who spoke out against violence in workplace faced retaliation
and thus many refrained from it. If these acts of violence are to be stopped,
it is necessary for the world to realize its depth. However, when victims do
come out to report harassment, they are forced into telling every detail which leads
them to feel invaded. When a two word phrase is all that is needed for a
victim’s story to be heard, they can express themselves without any sense of
shame. In sum, the #metoo movement creates a platform for the survivors to
support each other by opening up about their horrific experience.

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this movement is crucial because it is bringing to light the shocking number of
people who have dealt with this issue. Social networking sites, such as,
Facebook and Twitter are flooding with responses from over 85 countries. As
these numbers also include high profile celebrities, it is dawning on people
that no place is safe for women unless serious action is taken. Due to its wide
spread, the campaign has moved from social media to the streets. On October
2017, almost 2500 women marched the streets waving placards of #metoo. Even
though legal actions cannot be taken against the assaulters just by conducting
rallies, it will surely spark the change. To summarize, this campaign is an
eye-opening event for everyone to realize and take measures against the
inhumanity to women.

gender equality has been emphasized by this movement. For instance, men also
came forward to support this powerful social media campaign. This shows us
that, harmony can be established in workplaces and violence can be stopped if
men and women work together. In addition, more women feel empowered by sharing
their stories with the world. They are actively participating in the campaign,
protesting and supporting each other. In fact, the victims must take the first
steps to ensure justice. Given these points, the movement is constantly
reminding people that equality is important to reduce violence against women.

social media campaign #metoo is more than just another viral tweet trending on internet.
It gives women a chance to voice their stories and not feel ashamed or
responsible. As a result, people are forced to think about the situation and ways
to control it. More people should come forward to join this movement. If this movement
is not supported, then, the increasing number of sexual violence will go
unnoticed further diminishing women’s status in society. To build a better
world, it is important that women are considered equal in every aspect of life.
Since 1998, 17,700,000 women have reported a sexual assault. Words of comfort
cannot compensate for their pain or trauma. But, fighting with them can.

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