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reality. So
initially this theory is about to declare that possessions are the result of
high-level plays to get attention for the achievement of a desire.1

This theory
of beaviorism may be able to explain a particular mental disorder but is not
appropriate if applied to the case of possession.  In the experience of confronting a trance
victim, I hardly ever encounter a trance victim who asks for something of his
own personal interest.   Most requests of
a possessed person are requests of  the
spirit that pervades the victim. For example, a woman who is possessed speaks
in the name of another person asking for the blood of the person its enters or
the blood of a chicken;2
there is also a prayer for peace;3
or some openly declared the aim is to borrow the body of the victim in order to
be able to see the world with a real physical body. 4  Of course, if possession is a play to fulfill
personal desires then the form of the request will lead directly to the
specific expectations or desires of the victim.

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Third, the trance approach to humanistic
theory. This theory states that trance occurs because the environment where
the victim is an unhealthy environment. Environmental situations are perceived
as threatening the victim, making him feel not prosperous. If such a situation
persists then the resulting energy that is supposed to develop is ultimately
used to defend itself. If the situation happens continuously it will cause
psychological unity to be disturbed until broken. As a result individuals
experience various disorders such as anxiety, depression from mild to severe
levels (Skisofrenia). Individuals who are potentially possessed usually live in
situations of poverty, unhappiness, persistent quarrels, aggravation and too
much consideration or loss of a close person.5

Again this
theory may apply to mental disorders, but not to trance cases. Because if so
then the poor community in the suburbs will tend to experience trance. In the
Annelise story filmed with the title The Exorcism Of Emily Rose shows that
Annaliese was originally a happy girl for being in a warm and caring family
environment. they come from a devout Catholic family. With enough economy. From
the Annaliese case shows that Trance is a unique case. Not always triggered
because the unhealthy environment.

Fourth, by using biopsychological
approach. Biopsychology is a knowledge of the biological basis of behavior.
This view examines the bodily reactions of subjects who are possessed by
trance. Typically, trance begins with a feeling of fear, anger and discomfort
that are chronic (lasting continuously for a long time). These feelings trigger
the body’s self-defense mechanism against danger by tightening muscles and
shortness of breath. Furthermore, the intake of oxygen to the brain becomes
reduced. This makes the brain can not perform its main function is thinking
clearly. When the brain is experiencing this work chaos the subjects experience
hallucinations and other perceptual disorders. All the unpleasant experiences
and what have been thought and stored in the brain go out of hand without any control.6  According to biopsychology that is then
called trance.

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