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Rationale: In this Writing Assignment I have chosen to make a diary based on a novel called “Animal Farm” Chapter 1 that was written by George Orwell.

Animal Farm is a satirical allegory about the totalitarianism of the Soviet Union. The main events in this novel are based on the events of the Russian revolution and thereafter. Orwell, a supporter of democratic socialism and a member of the Independent Labour Party (a labour party in Great Britain) for several years, was a critic of Stalin.

  I chose to write a diary because writing in a diary can help spark new ideas or develop new thoughts. Writing in a safe space can help me process past experiences and a diary is also a way of applying my creative writing skills . The diary will be based on the time after the death of Old Major, when the animals spend their days secretly planning a rebellion. Because of their intelligence, the pigs are placed in charge of educating the animals about Animalism, the name they give to the philosophy expounded by Old Major in Chapter 1. Among the pigs, Snowball and Napoleon are the most important to the revolution. This diary will be based on Snowball experience when he was planning to make a rebellion against his master, Mr.

Jones.         Dear Diary,As one of the animals that lives on  this terrible farm which is owned by the most uncaring masters, Mr. Jones, it is time for radical change. On this farm all of the animals who live on the farm already fed up of what he does, especially when he is drunk. He always forgot about his responsibility to feed us, the animals. His drinking habit always led to cost us suffering by not having any food.

Now all the animals on this farm already fed up with Jones attitude’s so We all of us animals want to rule ourselves. I have an idea to rule this farm where only animals may dwell here and become members  of this community. This idea is to create a community for animals and be governed by animals.

 One day, I approached some of my friends who has the same opinion to realize this concept. We agreed to call for several meetings. I lectured the audience who joined the meetings, about our condition in this kind of situation. I tried to make them clear that we are his slaves, who should work hard and are willing to give our life just for our master the most honourable Mr.

Jones. After the preliminary meeting, it is suggested that this concept should be presented to the animals in this farm. First, we convey our ideas to a group of stupid animals who can only think about loyalty to Mr. Jones which they consider as their master who feeds them. We tried to convince them with our ideology that if animals want to change our lives we have to rebel and force Mr. Jones out of this farm. This is one of our tactics of attempting to brainwash them. However, the most stupid thing that I heard  is whether they still will have sugar after the revolution or not.

After hearing that question then I replied explicitly “NO”.     Dear Diary,After we had several meetings with other animals, the rebellion that Old Major had talked about had finally come true! We force Mr. Jones out of the farm and now the farm is all ours! I changed the name of the farm.

When it used to be called Manor Farm, but now it is called Animal farm. Besides I changed the name of the farm, we also made seven rules that is valid to all animals in this farm. These are the rules, “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.

Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. No animal shall wear clothes, No animal shall sleep in a bed, No animal shall drink alcohol, No animal shall kill any other animal, And All animals are equal.” After we force Mr. Jones out of the house, we produce a lot more food so that now everyone on the farm could eat a lot of food and nobody is sad now.

With this, I hope that Old Major will be proud and happy up there, with all the things that I had done to this farm. 

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