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Raise your hand if you have ever been victimized by a gun or know someone who has lost their life due to a firearm. Realize that if gun control laws in the united states were more strictly enforced a lot less of us will be raising our hands right now. The United States has a problem with gun violence. Great mass shootings and also school shootings have occurred in the past few years, bringing a great grief to America. Parents are scared to send their children to school or even attend any type of event due to these horrific events that have happened. Some Americans even want to ban the right to bear arms.I am sure you are all familiar with some of Americas most devastating incidents like the sandy hook Elementary school shooting the Aurora movie theater shooting, and most recently the Las Vegas shooting. I named these three for a specific reason, have you or anyone in your family going to the movies to a nightclub or concert in the past month? Now, raise your hand if you are looking forward to having or already have children now. Normal everyday activities have become increasingly more dangerous due to the increase in firearms allowed in America. Everytown posted an article explaining now “Since 2013 there have been over 200 school shooting in America” alone (“262 School shootings” 2017). This means one shooting a week. We should not be afraid to drop off our kids at school or go to the movies with families or go out to drink at a nightclub or concert with our friends. We should not be afraid of this, we should not live in fear. But the majority of Americans today do. It is way too easy for a gun to fall into the wrong hands. Gun control topic is very controversial, however, half of us believe that guns should be allowed in society and the other half believe that they should be completely banned. I believe it is important for citizens to own a firearm for protection. In the event that someone is threatening your life, a gun is a critical means of defense. Although I feel this way I want to emphasize that not all citizens are in the proper condition to own a firearm. This is where the topic of gun control gets kind of complicated and this is where I believe America messed up by allowing the purchase of guns and the concealed weapons license to be so easily available to us. An article posted by Gun Control Procon share that there are 88.9 guns per 100 people in the United States, this is equivalent to about 270 million guns which are the highest per capita in the whole entire world (“Should More Gun Control” 2016). Having such easy access to guns is a problem that America must fix. I’m not sure if you all know how easy it is to get a hold of a gun or to get a concealed weapons license in the United States. First off, Gun buyers do not have to through a background check and do not need a concealed weapon license when they make a purchase at a gun show. As crazy as it sounds, how can America allow people to buy guns without any background check. This is the reason why so many innocent lives are lost each year in America. Any mentally unstable person has the right to walk into a gun show and purchase however many guns they want. This is America’s mistake. It is also common for people to buy guns from their neighbors or friends. All the person need is a regular picture ID to make a purchase and technically all the concealed weapon licenses do is allow the person to carry a gun with them in public places. The required information is very brief, it just includes your name your birthplace your address and race. Some background checks to get more into depth including questions that ask about drug use or any felony convictions or any mental illnesses. This then gets sent to the FBI and they run a background check to see the information you provided is accurate. This may sound legit but people need to realize that there are people trying to get a license have lied about their background and gotten away with it. For example, many of you may know the story of Dylan roof a 21-year-old man from South Carolina who was accused and convicted of murdering nine people at the Charleston Church in South Carolina. An article posted by the USA Today says that the Dylan had passed the background test, and he was allowed to get a concealed weapon license (Johnson 2017). He passed the exam despite his previous arrest for possession of drugs and trespassing. Clearly, this is a huge mistake made by the FBI, and because of it, nine innocent lives were lost. How can they allow someone with a bad record purchase a lethal weapon? Easy access to guns leads to more violent crimes.Instead of just a background check, people should have to go through a psychological examination by licensed psychologists in order to be considered even eligible.  According to the American Journal of Public Health, “Reports suggest that up to 60% of perpetrators of mass shootings in the United States since 1970 displayed symptoms including acute paranoia, delusions, and depression before committing crimes” (Metzl 240).    Gun culture is part of united states DNA so we have to protect the second amendment by doing things that keep guns in the hands of only law-abiding Americans. Getting these national background checks will be a great way to see the homicide incidents decrease. As Americans we want to be able to protect our loved ones, some might believe that owning a gun is a protective object. It is something we all use for protection, but only with the required policies and laws we will be able to have a controlled way of using 

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