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Racial inequality has contributed to mass imprisonment of African-Americans in the United States of America causing a rift between minorities and the government. It causes innocent African-Americans to become locked up for crimes that were not committed.        The rift that is spoken about is African-Americans not trusting the government due to slavery, mass imprisonment and, their rights to the 13th Amendment being violated.         African-Americans are not able to leave their homes, work, school, or basically any place without being in fear that their rights of the 13th Amendment are going to be violated just for being a black male or female. Ava DuVernay’s 13th has sparked the nation and it has lead to a larger reaction towards the daily violation of African- American women, men, and children. Due to the widespread of mistreatment of African-Americans an organization called Black Lives Matter was founded.         Black Lives Matter can be seen as a modern day Black Panther movement. It was founded on July 23, 2013, by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors in a reaction to the unarmed killing of a black teenager named Trayvon Martin. The mission of Black Lives Matter is to “… Build local power and to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes (Black Lives Matter, 2018). Black Lives Matter is a large organization with 15 chapters across The United States of America.        Ava DuVernay’s 13th and interviews with The Atlantic and NPR WBFO-FM 88.7 she speaks on how the Black Lives Matter movement influenced the lens that the documentary is told in. In the interview with “The Atlantic”, it states “Many Americans by now are familiar with the coded language of the country’s racial hegemony. Some shun certain words while others make anthems out of them.” African- Americans are the most targeted people in The United States of America.                     While watching “13th” the viewer will learn that African -Americans are attacked constantly for simply being who they are. In the interview with The Atlantic, Ava DuVernay (2016) states “Identification, labels, how those have worked against us…preconceived notions that were passed down generation after generation. The very ideas that we hold in our head are for someone’s profit and political gain.” Though people may have negative thoughts towards African Americans the men, women, and children are used for gain. People believe that African Americans are ruthless, evil, and criminals.        According to 13th (2016), Caucasian people have a higher rate of committing crimes than African- Americans, African-Americans are more likely to be arrested and jailed. The Atlantic (2016) interview states “… 13th then spends over an hour and a half tracing the path from the clause between those two commas to the 2.2 million prisoners in the American justice system.”  There are more people in prison than slaves in the 1850s.           Though African-Americans make up 6.2% population while they are 40.2% of the prison. “The 13th Amendments makes it unconstitutional for someone to be held as a slave. In other words, it grants freedom to all Americans. There are exceptions, including criminals.” Gannon (2016) The 13th Amendment was mostly targeted towards helping African -American people. But it is used against African- American women, men, and children.  A questioned that can be asked is “Why are African-Americans treated so poorly?” Truly think about it what is so bad about African-Americans? Is it their skin? The way they talk? The 13th and The Black Live Matter movement has let a little more insight into the black community for people who aren’t apart of it. Every day the 13th Amendment is taken away from African-American people.           Men of the African-American community are jailed and killed by police every day across The United States of America. Some laws created by the government has ruined families. Such as the three strike act and mandatory sentencing. The three strike at is a law that puts people in jail no what they did if they have been arrested or jailed 3 times. The mandatory sentencing has a set time someone is going to be in jail no matter what.          With these laws, it breaks up families causing parents to be missing. These laws also call for innocent black men taking time for crimes they didn’t do.             97% of people locked up are there on a plea bargain. African American men have a 1 in 3 chance of going to jail for life while Caucasian men have a 1 in 17. For three centuries a burden or racism and hate has been laid on the backs of African Americans.        Slavery, mass imprisonment, killings, and beatings. If more people spent time leading the government to lift this burden there would fewer people in prison and in fear or the 13th Amendment being taken away from them.

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