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    Rachael Beair     I did my report on Huntington’s Disease. Huntington’s Disease is a disorder of a brain. This disease is inherited and it affects all race’s. Both genders can get this disease. It can occur at any age but most symptoms of the disease can appear at age 30-50 and can be as early as 2 years old and as late as 80 years old. The Huntington’s Disease is progressive and incurable. The Disease is where a group of nerve cells at the brain base, known as the basal ganglia are damaged.

The basal ganglia are a group of structures linked to the thalamus in the base of the brain and involved in coordination of movement. The thalamus in the brain is the large gray mass that is in control of some body functions like relying on sensory signals, including motor signals, to the cerebral cortex, and regulation of consciousness, sleep and alertness. This disease deteriorates the brain and it can happen at any age.

  What cause this disease is a defect in a single cell gene. People get this disease is if your parent is a carrier and has one copy of the disease then there offspring can get.  Symptoms that someone would experience with this disease are personality changes, mood swings, and depression. Also, decline in thinking, uncontrollable movements with arms, legs, head, face, and upper body. They may also have decline in reasoning skills, also memory loss and, decline in concertation. The type of test that is done to diagnose this disorder is a blood tests. You may be thinking how a blood test well the doctor takes a sample of your blood and do a genetic test they analyze the DNA for the HD mutation by counting the numbers of repeats in the HD gene region.

  This disorder does not have a cure yet. But, drugs, physical therapy, and talk therapy can help manage some symptoms.   Some interesting facts about the Huntington Disease.

Scientist found the defective gene that causes this disease in 1993. Huntingtins disease occur in about one in 15,000 people across the globe. Huntington’s disease is a single cell gene disorder caused by mutation in the HD gene on chromones 4. the thalamus is a different than the hypothalamus that regulates body temperature. Dr. Geroge Huntington found this disease in 1872.

How Huntington’s Disease got its name is because that the 22-year old English doctor George Huntington found the disease that is how it got its name. The most famous person to die from this disease is Woody Guthrie he was folk singer he died at age 55 because of this disease. You can live form anywhere between 10-30 years with Huntington’s Disease. You can detect if your baby has Huntington’s Disease you can do this between 10-13 weeks with one of two tests. You can do the CVS (Chronic villus sampling). Well balanced diets can prevent weight loss and help with other symptoms. Predictive genetic test can be given to someone who doesn’t show signs of huntingtin’s disease but, can take it if they have had a family history of huntingtin’s disease.

A doctor might refer the person for a psychiatric evaluation to assess emotional state, behavior, evidence of substance use, and coping strategies. Full nursing care will probably be needed in the future. The greater numbers of repeats, the earlier the onset for huntingtin’s disease and the symptoms are much worse.  

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