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Question 1

1)      High Quality Carpets: In Helios, they are using high quality carpets that matches with the overall color theme of the interior of the suit rooms.

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2)      Lounge facilities: All over the Helios Privat Kliniken have lounge facilities on each floor with coffee machine and freshly baked cookies, cakes and chocolates

3)      Aroma: when we enter the suit room section. we are welcomed with the rich aroma of coffee. That stimulates our appetite

4)      Conference room: There are two conference room with maximum capacity of 150pax with additional features like overhead video beamer.

5)      Kitchen: There are two main kitchen catering for all the staff and the patients

6)      Restaurant: Do it yourself (self-serving) restaurant is there at the left-hand side of the main entrance which enables people from outside can also use.

7)      Room amenities: White shower towels with the logo of HELIOS will be placed on the bed, bottled water, fruit basket and hairdryer will be provided.

8)      In room dining: patients can order food from the menu that is provided in the room and the room service will bring the food to the room.

9)      Flooring: wooden flooring is used in the suit rooms to give a premium feel and the design of the floor matches with the overall theme of the room.

10)  Rooms: Division of rooms into different category according to the service provided and square meter of the rooms, Standard and suits

11)  Furniture overall: Use of soft leather upholstery in almost every furniture’s in room to give a premium feel and comfort.

12)  Studio room: Which consist of one bed room and one Guest room that can be converted into a separated bed room by using sofa bed or additional beds. And there is a place for kitchen. where the guest can cook or preheat some pizzas.

13)  Helipad: This feature is only found in luxury class hotels. In Helios, we can find this feature because they are targeting international rich people. This can be used for some medical emergencies also.

14)  Courtyard: There is an open space in front of main entrance where they have an outdoor garden. They have provided tables and benches, so the patients can sit and relax. In summer time, they can use this open space to make outdoor function or events.

15)  Marketing and international office: They create marketing campaign to increase publicity and to maximize brand promotion. International office works directly with the foreign clients and helping them for visa processing and to clear legal formalities. These two offices work as travel agent.

16)  Minibar: Every room is equipped with minibar, cold drinks and snacks are provided.

17)  Locker facility: Every room is provided with lockers that is inside the cupboard

18)  In house shops: There is a lot of shops inside Helios like cosmetics, mini super market, and saloons.




1)      Waiting room: Special areas are allocated for the walk-in patients where they can take an appointment and wait for their turn.

2)      24 hrs. trauma care: Trauma care (Causality) will be opened for 24 hrs. With doctors and nurse to help people suffering from motor vehicles collusion or sudden falls.

3)      Limited number of suits: There is only two suit room available rest every rooms are standard.

4)      Ambience: It is not appealing like hotel the sense of premium feel lacks everywhere. Instead they want to differentiate them from competitors.

5)      Extra wide corridors: Wide big corridors on each floor, which is not usual in hotels

6)      Beds : They are using hospital cots with side railings that is attached                              with four wheels makes it easy for moving patients from one place to another place. And the back rest can be raised hydraulically according to the wish of the patients This is unique feature in hospitals only not available in hotels.

7)      Doctors and nurses: Helios is a hospital and there is many doctors and nurses running around that is not common in a hotel.

8)      Operation theater: Operation theater is situated below the helipad this is also a USP of hospital.





Planetree’s patient centered care

Planetree is a cost center, their priority is service rather than making profit. Planetrees target group is geriatric people with dementia. The location of planetree sevagram in Valkenheim is also very particular calm and quiet environment with lush greenery. Previously it was a clinic which the planetree had purchased and implemented the concept of patient centered care of planetree. The walls have been decorated with wall painting and pictures most of the pictures and paintings that is very famous in past decades and it helps the patients to bring back the memories. Every patient has their own private room which has been arranged particularly for the life style of that person. Rooms will be decorated with patient’s family photos. So, they can see their children’s and grandchildren’s face every day it will help the patients memorize their faces even though they don’t remember their names. Family can visit at any time there is no specific time for visitors. There is movie theater inside so the family can watch the patient’s favorite movie together. A lot of activities is going on inside and staffs will motivate the patients to engage in different activities.

In Planetree staffs provides everything that brings back the old memories from their past like old songs puzzle, karaoke and even some kind of interactive games which is been specially made for the dementia people. Some patients have skills like painting and drawing so they will motivate them to draw. Restaurant is there to cater all the patients and staffs. Staffs will bring the bedridden patients to the restaurant to give their meals, all the patients will sit together and dine. In summer patients will be taken outside to a goat farm where they can feed goats. People can also engage in waffle making, all these different activities are there to make sure that the active participation of the patients in any of these will make them happy. Planetree gives the priority to care the patient. Planetrees is doing everything to keep their patients happy and we can fell that in the attitude of the staffs towards the patients. With limited resources planetree is providing an excellent service to the patients.



Helios’s guest centered care

Helios is a revenue center focused on international patients and domestic German patients with private insurance and self-paying Germans. It is designed to give all the services of hospital still convey a warmth of a 3-star hotel.  Helios is providing medical expertise in a hotel like environment. Which includes many service that is only offered in hotels. There is conference room for 150 Pax .Restaurant is there that can be accessed by people from outside also ,it is a do it yourself restaurant that customers have to take everything they want and need to pay .Helios is providing guest visa assistance to the international guest and they will also arrange the airport pick up and drop .Helios wants to gives services to patients in a hotel environment for that they had differentiated rooms like standard and suits .They are provided with studio rooms which have a master bedroom ,living room and small portion with kitchen .As per the need of the guest  living room can be converted into a bed room by providing additional bed. In rooms, flat screen is provided with access to different channels, WIFI also provided but patients must pay. Helios ensures that ample day light and color combinations will create welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, which helps the patients to overcome difficult situation.

Rooms differentiated by the size and furniture’s provided in standard room, we can get some wooden furniture’s and room size is small. but in studio room is provided with king size bed and furniture’s with leather upholstery which gives a premium feel. Menu cards is placed in the room and guest can order foods that will be delivers by room service. Room amenities is provided like bath towels, body lotion, hair dryer, and bottled water. Lounge facilities in every floor with coffee machine cakes and pastries. High quality carpets are being used in the corridors and rooms that matches with the overall color themes of the rooms. Most important feature is the helipad that can be used to airlift patients in case of emergency or it can be used for transportation purpose. And the support of interpreter in the hospital makes it easy for the patients to explains to doctor 



Both gives excellent hospitality care to users, both are extremely different. On one side Helios is really competing with its competitors to maximize profit. And the Patients who comes to Helios are self-sufficient, they can do their own day to day activities. Most of them patients in Helios have no memory related diseases, so they will ask if they need something. So, the management have less work to do in patient care. But in Planetree all the residents have dementia or memory related issues. They are not capable of asking what they need even some patients are bedridden. So, the management must consider each patient and need to do what they need. They must think in the patients view to know what they need. Sevagram is making the last moments in a person’s life happy and we can see the happiness in the faces of the residents and there is feeling of home in sevagaram that’s the key.

So, I believe that the Sevagram planetree is providing a very good hospitality service to the users.

Question 3

Helios is guest centered and people from all around the world comes there for medical expertise. They are considering a patient as a guest and gives treatment. Most of the patients are self-sufficient to do their day to day activities even though some needs some assistance. Patients are always accompanied with relatives or family. Helios is providing services of a 3-star hotel which includes coffee lounge, restaurants, In house shops. All these facilities can be used by the patient’s families also. More beds and mattress will be provided in the rooms for patents bystander. Helios is giving professional service staff 

Helios will help the patients to recover completely from their suffering by giving proper solutions from expertise. They will make sure that a patient leaves Helios with 100% cured and happy. They will take chances to save one life without considering the risk factor. Helios will stay in touch with patients even though the care is rendered.

 In sevagram planetree all the patients are suffering from dementia. they are not able to do their day to day activities by themselves someone needs to support them. Some of the patients are bedridden, for them special attention is provided by personalized staffs. Most of the staffs in sevagram are professionally trained to handle dementia patients and they have volunteers also to help the professional staff in day to day activities.

Planetree is specially designed to care patients with memory loss. All the patients can live in a safe and secure environment that is been supervised constantly. Planetree is providing structured activities with their daily routines. And providing professional assistance with actions of daily living such as bathing, meals and medication. There is a lot of interactive games and activities like puzzles, karaoke music, paintings and making of waffles, all these activities are intended to give pleasure and relaxation to the patients. They are trying everything possible to bring back old memories. The people suffering from dementia might not remember their own name where they live and sometimes they don’t even remember the room that is been allocated for a person. Staffs always have a hard time because it is difficult to control the behavior of the patients and they tend to wander. Always the staffs adapt to the situation to resolve the problem.   

Some of the main competitors of Helios are University medical center Hamburg and Freiburg university hospital both provides premium facilities and services like Helios.

While taking an organizational decision planetree will include its stake holders also especially the family members of the residents. In Helios management decision is not discussed with the stake holders. It’s because patients in Helios will leave the hospital when they are cured and the maximum length of stay will be for a month or more. Residents need to be spent rest of their life until death in sevagram, so each of the management decisions that affects the life of residents will be discussed with the family members. So, I believe both institution provides high quality services. Helios is more focused on the patient itself and the family is very less  considered .But in sevagram both the patient and the family is been considered equally .They believe that family also have a vital role to keep the patients satisfied .




Question 4

Activities are very important for the patients with dementia. It helps the patients to use their brain and structured activities can decrease the phase of progression of dementia. Physical activities are also important to reduce the anxiety.

Folding laundry

Folding laundry can helps the people to be active. They can sort laundries according to the color and according to the shape. Folding laundry is an easy activity potential accidents are less. They can work together in a group of three or four which helps them to lower their anxiety and creates a bond between the inmates. Care taker must be with them even though folding laundry is safe. Sometimes they can forget what they are doing. Care taker must motivate them otherwise they may lose interest.



Gardening is an activity that is enjoyed by many people. It provides an opportunity for the patients to enjoy the outdoor and the sun, which helps the patients to relax their mind and body. Some patients will be very skillful in gardening so they can maintain their existing skills. Bright color of flowers and its scents will create happiness and will brings back the memories of their loved ones.


Memory box

Memory box will help the patients to connects with their past carrier and previous hobbies. Give a paper box and fill the box with objects that they had used in the professional carrier or objects from hobbies. So, they can take objects from the box and keep the objects in another box. Objects that the patients took will be having past relation with their profession. This activity can bring back the old memories related to that person. 

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