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Qualitative is the data cannot be express as
a number. It is associated with the subjective quality of a thing or
phenomenon, such as feel, taste, expertise, image, leadership, reputation and
primarily is exploratory research so that usually considered to be qualitative
data. Qualitative data provide insights into the issue or assist to develop
ideas or hypotheses for potential quantitative research. Quantitative is the data are anything that can be express as a
number, is used to quantify the issues by method of generating numerical data
or data that can be transformed into usable statistics. Uses quantitative research
measurable data to formulate facts and uncover patterns in research.  In the comparing, the collection methods of quantitative
data are much more structured than data collection methods of qualitative.

Teguh Setia has using both data
which is quantitative data and qualitative data. Quantitative data involve some method which is ranting scales, sample survey, census research, survey monkey and interview. In other hand qualitative data include certain method
which is face-to-face interview,
individual interview, focus group and observation.

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Quantitative data collection

scales is a
recording form used for measuring personal’s attitudes, aspirations and other
psychological and behavioral aspects and group behavior. Rating technology is to determine
the likely qualified equipment. Ranting scales are a device by which the
opinions about traits can be systematized .The ranting scale approach provides
a highly structured assessment. Every employee’s qualities or characteristics
are rated on a biphasic scale, usually with several different points, ranging
from poor or any same arrangement.

survey research
is a researcher advice certain predetermined set of questions to a whole group
or sample of individuals. This
method of research is a particularly useful method during a researcher aims to
explain or describe characteristics of a very big group or group. Survey research this  approach also able be used as a quick way to
get certain general details about a population of interest to assist prepare
for more concentrate and in-depth research by using time-intensive approach
like as field research or in-depth interviews. In such cases, the survey may assist the researcher
to determine the specific place and individuals from which to gather additional

method refers to
a accomplish list of the universe. The universe may be where we collect data
such as a group of people, a place or a particular place. In some cases, such
as agricultural censuses, animal censuses and population censuses so on. Census
methods are necessary in order to gain a wide range of knowledge. But on the
contrary, this method does not apply to some social issues, because it is
expensive and time-consuming. Studying the entire universe is difficult because
financially support requires for it to finish the study. Sampling method is to
select a simple thing out of the entire universe in other hand census methods
are confusing and require more time for data collection.

monkey is a
online tool for manage and establishing survey as well as administrative and
analysis the data. This software assists to create and run professional online
surveys. Survey Monkey performs well on collection and analysis. The Survey
monkey permit users to determine survey and collect responses from a some of
sources which is  Facebook , web link, banner
advertisement, Twitter and e-mail . Analysis happens in actual time, results
were considered respondents to complete their investigation. However, will need
to upgrade your premium if you want to download and save a copy of the survey
results .Premium accounts will provide interview to responsive downloads,
download features, custom chart creation, and multiple custom reports as well
as the option to share the response.

In quantitative data the interview will be complete, and the
interviewer can only choose one answer it is usually a single word from the
interview form. The reply can usually only be “yes” or
“no”, or either it is may be only a number. Or, ask the interviewee
to select an item from the list. These replies can be encoded and key in into a
computer database for statistical analysis. Interviews may be linked to a checklist.
An interview is frequently used in surveys that have poor postal questionnaires
and checklists. This interview will use
a standardized questionnaire and well-trained interviewers ask fixed questions

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