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Qarn Alam steam project (QASP) is one of the key developments within the Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) Directorate of PDO. By implementing this project, PDO plans to significantly increase oil recovery from Qarn Alam oil field. This will be achieved by using ‘Thermally Assist Gas-Oil Gravity Drainage (TAGOGD)’ technique by continuous injection of steam into the respective formation. This project is being implemented following the success of steam pilot project at Qarn Alam.  The project will be developed in two phases. In first phase the oil production at the Qarn Alam oil field will be increased by 6,500 m3/day (40,000 bpd) by injecting the dry steam into the reservoir at the rate of 18,000 tpd (annual average daily rate based on the system availability of 91.26%). It has been identified that in phase two, the oil production can be further increased by expanding steam injection capacity to about 24,800 tpd. Here the steam is produced by co-generation and hence reduce the fuel gas consumption and CO2 emission in the environment. In Qarn Alam Steam plant also discovered crude oil and supply it to (MPS) then they send it to Muscat. Workers in Qarn Alam Steam plant works 15 days and 13 days off. During 15 days the work starting at 7 am to 6pm with 1 hour lunch break that is in winter but in the summer the work start at 6 am to 5 pm with 2 hour lunch break. Workers works together to complete the job immediately for example production operator works with instrument technician to solve the problem in Heat Recovery Steam Generation for high pressure alarm. During shutdown the all department working together to do the job in perfect way. Almost the all department in PDO company works with specialized people from other company for example vendor from (GG) company comes to Qarn alam to do some training for PDO workers how to fix or troubleshot the problem in any device or equipment.   During 15 days of duty sometimes at night if there is major problem the supervisor calls the operator to go and solve the problem and the company will pay to him extra payment for each hour (overtime). During public holidays the company will pay extra money for all days. As operator the first duty is attend the daily meeting with the supervisor and other operators to discuss the jobs and if there is any Health Safety Environment. Then the operator writes the PTW for the job title and describe the job and its hazards. Also the operator has wear the suitable PPE before start any job. Then the operator has complete his job ether corrective job or check the FLM. Operator has interaction with quality control staff like vendor or specialized people. For example, the software in Bently Navada card is not working probably so the vendor will come and connect his laptop with the card and maintain the setting of the card. Operator use Microsoft office to complete the daily job like using Excel, word and power point. Also use Email to communicate with other workers. Operator use (DCS) system to control the plant there are many program like Foxboro, Yokogawa, Delta-v and Honeywell. A technician trained to use this system through courses and trained from specialized people. 

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