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is a powerful computer programming language which is general-purpose
interpreted , object-oriented, and high-level language. Guido van Rossum invented
Python language during 1985- 1990. The source code of python is also easily
accessible under the GNU General Public License (GPL).It has some resemblance
to Fortan which is one of the old programming language but python is much more
powerful than Fortan. Python permits us to use variables even without declaring
them that is it allows us to use the types implicitly and it depends upon
indentation as a control structure. It is a open source software which means
free software which is easily available. Python is preferred for mathematical
calculations as using it we can write code instantly and has very easy syntax
which resembles to mathematical ideas mentioned in the mathematical literature.
It is most widely used by many web developers. Over the recent years, it is a
leading language over the other programming languages like C, C++ and Java.
Python has encountered drastic changes from its release and many add-on
features have been incorporated.FEATURES
of various versions of python:Python
1.0 had the module system of Module-3 and interacted with Amoeba OperatingSystem
with many functioning tools. In the year 2000, Python 2.0 was invented with
features of garbage collector and Unicode Support. In the year 2008 Python 3.0
was introduced which has a effective design that eludes duplicate modules. Now
due to added features in Python 3.5 many companies are using it.
Python has several applications in the software development com-panies
such as in web framework and applications, pro-totyping,
gaming, graphic design applications, language development, etc.
It provides the language a higher plethoraover
other programming languages used in the compamies.Advantages
of python are:·      
Extensive Support
Libraries : It provides abundant standard libraries that include the areas like
Internet , string operations and protocols. Many of the programming tasks are
scripted into it which limits the length of the codes to be written in Python.·      
Feature : Python
integrates the Enterprise Application Integration which makes it easy to
develop Web services by evoking  COM or
COBRA components.·      
It has dynamic  control capabilities as it calls directly
through C, C++ or Java via Python.·       Python
also operates XML and other mark-up languages as it can run on several advanced
operating systems through the same byte code.·      
Better Programmers
Productivity : Python has object-oriented designs that improve two to ten fold
of programmers productivity while using the languages like Java, VB, Perl, C,
C++ and C.

Improved  Productivity : With its powerful integration
features, unit testing and enhanced control capabilities contribute towards the
increased speed for many applications and productivity applications.It is a
great alternative for building multi-protocol network applications.

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