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Health Protection Summative Assessment 2



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this assignment I will discuss the continues outbreak of cholera in Somalia
during the 2017 drought. I will then explore the strategies used and provide
evident-based recommendation to improve and reduce the impact on public health.
To start with, cholera is
a major public health issue and it is one of the leading watery diarrheal
diseases that causes high mortality rate worldwide.  In February 2017 the United Nation declared
the worst drought in 60 years in Somalia killing more than 6 million people causing
food storage with water supplies becoming undrinkable leading to the likelihood
of infection. When the drought hit Somalia, lack of clean water and overcrowded
people in areas where aid was available triggered cholera to spread causing an
outbreak. According to the world health organisation (WHO 2017) the
surveillance data collected from the ministry of health of Somalia shows a
significant increase of acute watery diarrhoea/cholera cases from 3113 cases
and 47 deaths in January 2107 to 4621 cases and 1338 deaths in February 2017. WHO
indicated that 50% of reported cases were children under 5. These statistics
indicate a continued need of real action so that cholera can be prevented and
controlled in the affected region of Somalia.


Prevention strategies

The measurement of
preventing cholera generally comprise of providing clean water and appropriate
sanitation to the affected population who do not have access to basic
amenities. Another important aspect of preventing cholera are health education and
good food hygiene.

The first major transmission of
cholera is through contaminated water so the first step to preventing watery
diarrhoea infection is provide safe clean water. Studies have developed and
testing simple and inexpensive method of domestic water disinfection and
storage to prevent other diseases transmitted the same route. An experimental
trail done in Bolivia have showed that disinfecting household water with
calcium hypochlorite solution and storing safely in a special narrow-mouthed container
was acceptable to a community of Aymara Indians.

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