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Psychology has been a part of my life indirectly for many years. I often examine my classmates, my colleagues at work, and even the different people I see everyday whilst travelling. I tend to ask myself why they are so different, for example struggling with attention or eating disorders, and so on. Whether it’s just me thinking to myself or its counselling session for a friend with emotional trauma I practice it on a daily basis. While looking for reasons, I also want to find ways to help them and I am confident that Psychology will give me the means to do so.        Additionally, I am fascinated by Psychology because it is a very diverse field. There is both a biological and social aspect, each different but equally interesting. For example, research shows that both our genetics and our living environment affect our personalities, so the two halves of Psychology have to work together to reveal truths about ourselves. This also makes Psychology a broad subject which is very appealing to me because I am interested in many fields of this subject and I know that this course will provide me with the knowledge I seek.        This subject also offers countless possibilities and is continuously expanding. Both vital and shocking discoveries are made every day and this is all thanks to the research conducted by universities. I believe research is the future. It allows us to understand ourselves and others better and to reveal facts that never occurred to us before. Personally, I am very excited and cannot wait to conduct my own research and choose a theme on which to base my future investigations.       I love reading books and articles about Psychology because the ideas presented in them both surprise me and make me wonder. I feel stimulated by the theories of certain professors and I like how these theories challenge my previous concepts of myself, humanity and the world. I enjoyed reading Kahneman’s book on decision making, ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’, Hrdy’s ‘Mothers and Other’s, Gladwell’s ‘Blink’, ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’ by Pinkel and Linden’s ‘Pleasure’. I regularly read The Psychologist online and keep myself updated.        I am from a Somali and Arab background; I speak English and Somali fluently, Arabic well, and also studied Spanish GCSE, and French at school. I have always been attracted to languages as they are the key to success in today’s world. Studying has always been a passion for me; I am determined to work hard to achieve my goals. My studies in Math, Science and health and social care helped me further develop my logical thinking and problem solving skills. My interests are not restricted to school and would love to finish higher education. After my degree I hope to find a job in the field of Psychology that I would very much enjoy whether it’s here in the UK or abroad.        During my life, I have experienced many high and lows, and having firmly put these issues behind me, this has formed me in to a determined individual with a passion to succeed in all that I do and a real desire to help others. In the summer of 2016-2017 I took a break from education and decided to go see the reality of this world. I saw some of the challenges that occur in this world such as; the droughts of Africa in Somalia and Kenya, being in a war zone of Yemen have and the poverty of Bangladesh and India. Seeing people in these situations even though they were happy, it made me want to help make a difference in this world and help make it a better place.  From my experiences, I feel that I have learnt a set of unique personal skills, such as compassion, open mindedness and an inquisitive mind and hope to continue expanding my knowledge.

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