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Psychology covers many different aspects of several
subjects. For example, there is industrial-organizational psychology that deals
with how workers work together, psychology also covers the studies of the
brain, how people interact with one another, cultural psychology, and
personality. Personality is one of the more popular subjects and one that will
be discussed at length the most. Myers Briggs is one the most popular
personality tests and one that usually requires you to purchase it. The
personality tests that we took is a similar version of the Myers Briggs
personality test, but a free version that gives similar results to the Myers
Briggs personality test. This test measures for the extraversion, introversion,
sensing, or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving.   

The Personality test I took I scored very high in
neuroticism. Although I wasn’t too thrilled about the results I am not
surprised. I went through a lot of changes in relationships and environment
within the past year and I am still adjusting. I am easily stressed, quick to
get upset and very anxious almost daily. I understand a lot of the things I am
going through has affected my mental health drastically. I also scored very low
in conscientiousness. This also does make sense to me. I think I have always been
like that even as a child. I always felt like I was missing out on something,
so I do things very impulsively. Even as an adult I feel like because I had my
children so young I missed out on enjoying my youth so when I do have adult
time to myself I get myself into situations where I will regret it the next day
because of my impulsive behavior. I also scored very low in agreeableness. I
have always been kind of selfish in some ways so that does not surprise me as
well. Of course, the only time I am concerned is when it comes to my family.
And lastly, I scored low on extraversion. This also does not surprise me. I do
not like to be in big crowds even at the mall. I get anxious and nervous to be
around a large crowd. I am also very quiet and reserved and like to keep to

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My result for the Myers Briggs personality test is
INFP.  I do consider the results of this
test to be true. I feel that does show my personality. even though I’m first
concerned about my own family and those closest to me, I do additionally very a
great deal sympathize with the ones I do not know who are less fortunate. I’m
passionate about assisting those in need. I was raised and brought up that way,
so it is only natural for me to feel like this even to this day.

I found this personality test to be rather accurate.
This test asked questions about myself that i was not positive a way to respond
to. i have not honestly thought about some of these questions about myself and
it made me think to myself some serious thought. I usually see things in black
and white and find it difficult to look it from others point of view. those
questions gave me something to think about when I assess my personality and how
I come across to others. those results do have some accurate statistics about
me, but there also are a few results I do not consider to be true. For
instance, me being selfish. most of those results describe me correctly even
though I would really like to not admit it every now and then.

I showed the results to my mom and she does agree with
most of the results. She does feel I shy away from people and tend to keep to
myself.  Learning that from someone close
to me make me think I should socialize more.


 I think a
psychodynamic psychologist would tell me when shy away from people or help
someone out is because there is something that is bothering me in my
unconscious thoughts and I lash out at the closest person to me. He/she would
also most likely tell me ID component of my mind is highly active although it
is strangely motivated my unconscious thoughts. Since I am impulsive I am dive
into situations that are not ideally healthy or helpful.

If I were to be analyzed by Adler, I believe a
psychologist such as himself would tell me because I felt I always felt like I
was missing out on something I have harbored over the years have spilled over
into my adult life.

I think a humanistic psychologist would tell me I do
not have a true self-concept of myself. I want to believe I am many great
things. Although yes, I can be but since am always second guessing myself or
criticizing myself. I am sure they would tell me I would not be able to achieve
self-actualization until I can accept myself for who I am and love the person I
have become.  

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