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Project Management Professional credential has a global recognition showing one’s ability in leading projects with his education, competency, and experience. PMP certified managers are utilized by big private organizations so that the success rates keep on progressing through the application of project management principles. Non-certified project managers have low salary compared to the PMPs as their demand in the market is quite high these days.

Having a PMP certification however only shows that one does have all the knowledge and tools for a project. It really depends on how well you manage the projects on time and in a smart way making the most of your skills that were gained from the certification.

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Keeping all that in mind, we walk you through all the pros and cons of being a PMP certified including the necessary steps as a guide for those who are willing to go through it all.

Is It Worth It?

Professional Individuals, who want to get into project management, find this as a good way to have an edge over other competitors. This position is truly valued, demands more salaries compared to the ones who lack this certification. While the project management tools are utilized, you can also train others. The evaluation of subordinates tends to be quite handy along with your own increased and efficient output.


 You only require one book to get yourself certified that is PMBOK. Moreover, chances of networking tend to be higher when more professionals go for it. This means, there are better study partners for preparation. It boosts up your resume so for those who plan to stick with it as a lifetime career, this being globally renowned is truly beneficial. Compared to an advanced degree, the required money and time are less and most of the challenging projects are given to PMP certified managers by majority of the organizations because they get a feeling of security that the project is in safe hands and will be done perfectly. It is important to note that this knowledge can be applied to different industries and is not restricted to just one sector because there is no specific methodology.


Even though there is just one book but a lot of studies is required and the exam is not passed on practical knowledge. It gives an individual bookish knowledge and the skills truly depend on the individual how well he applies it. The PMBOK has a lot of information in it with vast topics and one might be miss some important topics as well.

Eligibility Criteria

Applying for PMP requires a secondary degree with PM experience of 5 years along with 7,500 hours directing projects or just 4-year bachelors with 4,500 hours directing projects. 35 hours education of project management (PDU) is compulsory.


Online certification system will guide you through the process where contact, education, domain education and experience is required.


Once it is reviewed by the panel for authentication, further directions are emailed.

Payment and Test

After the payment is received, the test appointment is scheduled. It occurs on Prometric’s worldwide testing sites.

Concluding it all up, if you are good at blending your skills, knowledge, and expertise; Project management will help you to grab bigger opportunities in the future.

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