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Product &services Bareeze has a lot of Brands in Pakistan. Due to the best embroidery of’Bareeze’ it has become a loving brand in Pakistan. Bareeze has launched a lotof brands to spread more services according to the needs of customers.Leisure ClubWeat leisure Club work tirelessly to ensure that we meet global standards, offerthe latest fashion whether they are eastern or western, and provide our loyalcustomers with the best value for their hard worked money. Leisure club isintensely proud to be 100% Pakistani and our goal is to ensure that we ignitethis sense of pride in our customers too when they wear our products in anypart of the World.MinnieMinorsMinnieMinors is a specialty kids brand selling high-quality apparel and accessoriesfor children under the Boys, Girls, Infants, Party Line, Toys and Tales andAccessories categories.

Minnie Minor’s history begins in 1998, making it one ofthe oldest kids brand in its field. The appeal of the Minnie Minors is so highsince its inception due to its versatile designing, high quality manufacturing,high-quality merchandise and modern retail for children ages new-borns to five.  ChinyereChinyereis a brand synonymous with sophistication & style. Its success story beganin 1999 that has now evolved into the countries most popular and accessiblefashion brand. Chinyere is the perfect amalgamation of modern cuts andtraditional embellishments designed in-step with global fashion.

Catering towomen as well as men, today Chinyere has outlets all across Pakistan as wellsas in Dubai, India, UK, Canada and Norway.·        CasualWear·        FormalWear·        Couture·        Men’sWear·        SleepWear·        Abayas·        Accessories·        Jewellery BareezeHome ExpressionsElegantsoft furnishing, bed sets and home linen are fashioned from the versatileBareeze’ fabrics at par with local and global trends. With brand consciousnessincreasing and Bareeze’ becoming popular along with its other brands. HomeExpressions has developed an extremely progressive and innovative businessstrategy that has enabled the brand to introduce several new products over thepast 18 months. Products like Bed sets, Dulais, Bed Covers, Home Accessories,Soft Furnishings, Soft Furnishings and Rugs.

  Kayseria’Kayser’is Saffron. ‘Kayseri’ is the colour of Saffron. Kayseria is the Jogi, thepilgrim adorned in the unstitched Saffron robe. The Jogi sets out to discoverthe beauty that transcends this world’s confined concepts and journeys ontosomething magical and majestic.

In all the traditional civilizations we haveseen this longing for the Gardens of Paradise expressed in the beauty of theirrespective arts and crafts. At Kayseria we painstakingly strive to bring youthis perfection in each and every detail of design to match our superior fabricquality. A Kayseria design is made with the sincere intention to adorn thewearer and enhance their beauty.Our designs are contemporary and timelessbecause of their strong roots.

These designs are original because they remindus of our pure origin. When you wear Kayseria’s designed fabrics they will lookgood today and with our high standards and fabric quality they will look goodin years to come.The soil and soul of our land is our biggest inspiration andwe have celebrated the ethnic genius of all parts of the sub-continent. Ourinspirations are drawn from all over the world. We have brought together allthese inspirations under one roof to show you that beauty is universal. Indulgein our printed fabrics, embroideries, embellishments and special editions.UrbanCultureUrbanCulture is created with a vision that a distinct sense of style is an essentialelement of one’s style philosophy.

We design our pieces with eclectic detailingand specially developed fits that are expressive yet never bulky. Canteredonour authentic fit system where each style is strenuously fitted and qualitytested to make sure it is prepared for every possible urban environment. UrbanCulture is about universality of craftsmanship and design. Whether your job requiresyou to be sophisticated or you’ve got a little creative wiggle room, at UrbanCulture, we’ve got the looks that will work for you.

From trendy outfits tobusiness casuals, our men’s clothing collection combines the hottest trendswith great quality clothing and style. Complete the look with the latest trendsof dark colours, plaids & quilted jackets. Our latest collection includescoats, bomber jackets, long-coats, sweaters, jeggings, tights, jeans, pants andaccessories to flaunt your style.

Urban Culture started its operation fromLahore and is now available in more than 7 cities in Pakistan with 11 outletscurrently. There will be more outlets opening up in the major cities along withthe online ordering facility to enable people living in other parts of thecountry to place their orders.THEWORKING WOMENThePakistani working woman leads multiple lives and is constantly switching roles.She has set the bar high for herself. She strives daily to be a caringdaughter, loving sister, pioneering professional, dedicated mother, committedwife, ideal daughter in law, and a sincere friend. She can be so many thingsonly because she is strong willed. She will neither shirk her responsibility asa home-engineer (the proper term for house-wife) nor will she compromise on herdesire to pursue her passion.

How does she do it all? How does she manage? Hersecret is simple. Her secret is balance. This balance that she has carefullycrafted is delicate. She maintains it like she would her child – by making thebest choices.

Every day is a new battle and her most important choice is thefirst one she makes every morning: her choice of ensemble. She picks her coloursmeticulously because she knows a colour will set the tone for the rest of theday; she chooses the design and cut wisely because she has learnt that dressingfor the part is as important as playing it; and she opts for a certain fabricbecause clothes are not just about looking good, they are about feeling goodtoo. The Working Woman understands that time is a luxury of which she hasprecious little. She cannot afford to waste it fighting with unreliable darzeesor rummaging through bazaars for clothes that could pass as work attire.

Sheneeds a trusted name that understands her needs, puts her comfort first, andmakes her life simple. The Working Woman is practical. She requires smartcasuals that are fashionable yet functional; designs that not only fit into theculture, but reflect its richness; structures that do not attract unwantedattention yet enhance her persona. She needs elegance that is subtle.BareezeManTheBareeze man collection includes Men’s Kurtas, Shalwar, Sherwanis, shirts,trousers, outerwear and Lifestyle Accessories.

“Commitment to Quality” is thecore value at Bareeze Man. Each of our products is a result of an integratedprocess of creative designing, attention to details, crafty stitching andstrict quality control. It is our dedication to our core value that we havebecome a rapidly growing menswear brand in a short span of two years.Rang JaRangJa, a brand that speaks about its collection by the mere name.

It brings you awide range of ethnic cuts and colours. It is known to be the brand that hasevolved the fashion of short shirts like never before. Rang Ja started outearly last year and since then, there has been a huge evolution in the fashiontrend of Pakistan. Females were seen flaunting volume-full clothes, withdifferent designs and shapes in frocks but Rang Ja has not pushed back thattrend to a great extent but also offered people with variety of cuts, sizes,shapes, designs, colours and contrasts. You will find yourself in a dreamcloset once you hit our stores and you will be fascinated to try and buy ourpieces for the mesmerizing beautiful look.

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