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Product based business normally make products and sell it to clients or might use it for their advantage by delivering software as a service to end users. A product based company, such as Amazon manufacture and distribute their products, while some businesses have suppliers from which they get products and they distribute to buyers. Services based business are those who work product that provides service to the client e.

g. Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Service). Amazon services offers a wide variety of basic services that customers can buy right through the Amazon website. Amazon is a consistent online platform that carries every conceivable product on

Amazon offers opportunity to other small enterprises to distribute their products, and offers opportunity for individual, such as bloggers, to earn money by promoting their products. Amazon manufactures some of their products, but a majority of product are sold by enterprises and individual, through the Amazon platform. On the contrary, Amazon have selling services that consents other enterprises to sell on Amazon worldwide such as seller can send its product to an Amazon fulfilment centre and Amazon store their inventory for them and when an order is place Amazon will pick, pack and ship or ship worldwide.  . Purpose: Amazon purpose is “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and see anything they might want to buy online” and “They strive to offer customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the highest convenience”. These statements assurances a striking e-commerce service to fulfil customers’ needs and aiming of becoming the greatest e-commerce company worldwide. These statements have influenced Amazon to become a major online retailer worldwide.

Amazon’s statements demonstrates business aims and show a future of international control in the online retail industry. On the contrary, Amazon focuses on effective and high-quality service and further improvement of the e-commerce for long-term success in the international market.     Target Audience: Amazon website is aimed at a wide audience who are interested in internet shopping. The range of items for sale that Amazon offers would advise that they wish to target consumers of all ages from young to the old.

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