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     Procedures and documentation for
selling products and services

Describe a
Business account – A business account are company’s e.g. Microsoft that
would go to a business travel agent who request for the agent to do all of their
travel arrangements for them. A client is the same as an agent.

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How do the
business travel agent gain business – A business travel agent will visit these
large company’s e.g. cisco would set up a campaign and ask for people to pitch
for the job this is where the agent will pitch what they could do and will
offer towards this company and will present in front of these customers to
pitch for there business.

Who is
responsible for managing accounts – An account manager is directly in charge
for organising the accounts and look after. Accounts are the same as clients
People that are in charge of the accounts arte in charge of the clients in the
business travel industry.

What do accounts
expect from their Business travel agent – Clients in the industry might expect to
have all the different components of there trip organised for them, they want
to see that they are being looked after so good customer service. E.g. black
tomato should have cost effective and great customer service towards a
celebrity tour company’s as they have different budgets so offering cost saying

What is a
business travel policy – A business travel policy is documentation which contains
rules and regulation which is a agreement between the client and the agent
things that may be included in the policy are only direct flights, cancellation
policy’s regarding all of the tickets which have been arranged, including
different classes on flights.

How are travel
bookings made – A travel booking is made usually over the phone or inside a travel
agent, directly with the account managers consultants who have been dealing
with the clients bookings.

What is the role
of the account Manager – The account manager e.g. the client manager will be
looking after the clients so this includes checking with the customers/clients
to see if they are happy with the service that they are receiving and visiting
them to check that the client is happy with the organisation of there trip.


levels & sales targets

receive commission
from suppliers such as airlines and hotels for bookings. As suppliers try to cut costs, commission levels fall. Agents have to compensate for cuts in
commission levels by charging customers for their services. Agents are set sales targets by their organisation. And will
receive a bonus
payment if they reach those targets.


saving techniques (on flights, accommodation)

travel agents negotiate deals with hotels and airlines for their clients.


An airline frequent flyer programme – Emirates Skywards – Earning air Miles quickly is n one of
the things can use at there advantage. Every Emirates flight earns Miles. Miles
can also be earned on flights with partner airlines and with exclusive offers
from emirates global partners in hospitality, car hire, finance, lifestyle and
retail. As well as reward flights and upgrades on
Emirates, you can spend your Miles on flights luxury hotel stays, fun-filled family days
out, or even tickets to a wide range
of sporting and cultural events across the globe
or simply updrading on a flight.


A hotel loyalty scheme – Hilton Honours – When you become a Hilton Honours Member, you earn Hilton Honours Points for
staying at hotels and resorts within the Hilton. You also earn Hilton Honours Points whenever you travel, shop, dine or spend with Hilton’s
partners. Earning free nights by staying at
hotels and resorts within the Hilton portfolio. When you reach Gold
or Diamond status, you can choose to receive Hilton Honors Bonus Points as one
of your benefits. You earn Hilton Honors Base Points when you stay at hotels
and resorts within the Hilton. The amount of Hilton Honors Base Points you earn
is based on the amount you spend on your room.



to the company and passenger profile

The business travel agent keeps details of a company’s
regular passengers.  This saves time and
errors when making bookings on their behalf as information is on file.


·      Full name – It is important you have the clients full name so
they have a record of the correct customers details to avoid making errors when
booking details.

·      Job title – In the agreement made the different clients that
are not on a senior level may not be travelling in upper class so they may try
to take an upper class ticket, which may not be agreed in the policy.

·      Home address – A home address is used to send paper documents to as
well as any travel arrangements or being picked up by a taxi company or limo

·      Mobile number – A mobile number is used to send regular updates
from the agent and any airlines about flight details. As well as being able to
contact the customer incase of an emergency.

·      Passport number
and expiry date – Passport details have to be
used to book flights and make sure they have valid documentation with 6 months leeway
before the date of expiry or they can refuse travel entry.

·      Nationality – According to the client’s nationality some will
need to apply and pay for a visa, which will get them into a country, they are
visiting or passing through.

·      Preferred car
rental/Preferred accommodation – This is a
personal preference to the client as they may require a specific room or
company or car hire company as they may need a bigger car for the amount of
people traveling in one vehicle.

·      Credit card – A card number is used for depositing number and car
hire so if something goes wrong then the customer may need to be deposited as
they will have a charge to pay which the card number is used for.

·      Class of travel – Knowing the clients class of travel is important as
they’re is usually a agreement made in advance which will state the clads of
travel that the client is traveling.

·      Maximum spend – The business travel agent will have the brief which
will contain a budget so it is important they stick to it so individuals cant
try and upgrade as they have a budget to stick to in the policy.

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