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Priscilla Jones1-9-182nd BlockCurrent Event #1Oprah Winfrey, a loved and successful personality in America, is rumored to be thinking about running for president of the United States in 2020. Oprah is undoubtedly a wonderful person, but is she the person that we want to lead our country? According to CNN, Democrats think that she could win. Oprah delivered a touching and reviving speech at the Golden Globes after receiving an award at the Golden Globes on Sunday, the speech reminding many of us about Barack Obama’s speech that caused us to set our sights on him four years before he became president. Could Oprah be the next head of state?As a candidate for president, Oprah would have to take stances on important issues, and possibly face ridicule from others because of those stances. As said before, Democrats think that Oprah is more than capable. Many people believe that if anyone can take the focus off of Trump during a political campaign, it’s Oprah. If Oprah ran for president, she would change the forefront of the Democratic ballot, altering the field for Sanders, Biden, and Warren. Oprah is very popular among the people, reaching into their souls and touching their hearts. She is someone that can talk to a group of people just like she’s having an intimate one on one conversation, and she’s got pull in our world. According to CNN, Oprah is everything that Trump pretends to be. Like Trump, Oprah is a businesswoman, and would have to answer different questions: lawsuits and taxes. Could Oprah deal with falling popularity because of her stances on government issues? Could she hold to the Democratic principles and convince people that she is right for the job?At this point, I want Oprah Winfrey. Many people would probably agree with me in saying that a lot of people would be better fit to lead our country than our present president, Donald Trump. This is something that directly affects us, and we have seen what happens when we aren’t careful in choosing our president. Our president is an important part of our government; I think that we as citizens should show we care by kicking Trump out, and putting someone better fit in. I think that if Oprah put her shoulder to the grind, holds steadfast in her stances, and really wants the presidency, then she can achieve it. After all, if Trump can, anyone can.

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