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Pride and prejudice
is one of the forms of literary works, in the form of a novel which is the
story is very famous in the Victorian era. Pride
and prejudice is a novel that created by a very famous English writer, Jane
Austen. Jane Austen’s novel is published on January 28, 1813. Pride and Prejudice tells about love
story that occurred between the middle class and the upper middle class in
England. This novel is very good., combined with the historical background as
in the Victorian Age. That is all we can see through the clothing that they
used in the story. The novel which was adapted into a film contains events by
the character’s experiences in Pride and Prejudice that implies the social life
that happened in the Victorian age. This is indicating that Jane Austen succeeded
in combining what was in her mind with the real social situation that happened
in that era. This essay will explain more about the life of Jane Austen which
was succeeded make a good literary works. then, this essay will explain more
about some of Jane Austen’s literary works. This essay also will explain how
Jane Austen’s works especially Pride and Prejudice implies the sociocultural
situation that happened in the Victorian age. 

Austen was born in Steventon, on 16 of December 1775. Jane Austen came from a
very simple family, but her family is quite harmonious. Jane Austen lived in
the outskirts of the city. Her father was a clergyman who loves book. Her
father, loved to read books until Jane Austen knew the world through the book
that she often read. In addition, she was also educated by her brother so that
because of the support that she got from her family, it helped Jane Austen
develop her ability to became a very famous writer. The process that she took
to become one of the most influential writer was very long, because she began
to practice writing since she was youth until she was 35 years old. Jane Austen
is one of the British novelist who slips in the style of realism in her every
works. Jane Austen was very smart in making novel with realism style, and it
made her as one of the most liked writer by many people. during her lifetime,
Jane Austen preferred to publish her works which were more anonymous, in novel
form, so that, the novel that made by her, were not widely known until the end of
the 19th century. In 20th century, more people wanted to
review the literary works that Jane Austen has made.

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her lifetime, Jane Austen was able to make an experiment with her literary
works. she wrote so many literary works with various forms, such as poetry,
short fiction, and various storied that she wrote in novel form. Jane Austen
had written a novel, from a letter that she ignored before, and then she
revised, and recreated the letter shape novel into a complete novel. From 1811
until 1816 Jane Austen managed to write and publish her four novels. The novel
were Sense of Sensibility in 1811, Pride and Prejudice in 1813, Mansfield Park in 1814, and the last, Emma in 1816. After that, she wrote the
other novel with title Northanger Abbey
and Persuasion. Both of these novels
were published in 1818 after she was died. The other forms of literary works
which was she published is Lady Susan,
in short fiction form. in addition, the other forms of literary works that she
was made is drama. The drama was Sir
Charles Granddson which was published in 1793. Jane Austen’s literary works
were more anonymous, so the spread was not too widely. The spread of the
literary works of Jane Austen itself is limited, and consumed by the upper

most famous literary works that written by Jane Austen is Pride and Prejudice. Pride
and Prejudice is a novel that published in 1813, is the second successful
novel that written by Jane Austen. Pride
and Prejudice is a story that tells a family, the Bennet’s Family who is
living in the countryside of England which is in the financial crisis
situation. Therefore, Mrs. Bennet has a thought to find a future husband for
his daughter. On the other hand, the house of Bennet’s Family will change the
ownership, which will be replaced to their relatives, Mr. Collin. This is
because the Bennet’s Family does not have sons to continue the offspring of
their families. Mr. Bennet himself has 5 daughters, they are Jane, Elizabeth,
Mary, Kitty, and also Lidya. Therefore, Mrs. Bennet wants to find a future
husband for their daughters. Until one day, a rich young man named Charles
Bingley bought a mansion near the countryside. He comes with his sister,
Caroline and also comes with his close friend, Mr. Darcy. Here, the adventure
of the love of these girls begin. Jane who is shy and does not know to show her
feeling, must be able to withstand the pain, because of she can not express her
feeling freely, different with Elizabeth who is very frankness, has a respect
for human rights which is always argue with Mr. Darcy until they love each

Pride and Prejudice
itself has a very deep meaning If we look it from the other side. The
characters in the Pride and Prejudice are very real. The Bennet’s Family itself
is very warm and harmonious with each other even though they are not come from
rich family. the character of Mrs. Bennet herself is very hilarious, though she
is ambitious when she wants marrying all of her daughters. Although she is an
ambitious person, she is very care with her children, especially when his
youngest daughter lost anywhere and taken away, Mrs. Bennet fell ill
immediately when she hears that news. The other character is Elizabeth who is
very aspirational in conveying the human rights when she is insulted because of
Lady Catherine. The women’s role here reflects the desire that to be averted with
each other, in case, women also has same rights, as well as the rights that the
men has. This is very directly related to the social condition of the novel as
well as in the reality. In that time, women has thought, wants the same rights
as men’s rights. This is because women also want to express their feeling
freely as possible as the men do.

Austen herself is very like to use realism style in writing every piece of her
literary works. she is very smart in combining the uniqueness thought that she has,
with the social condition that happened in the time when she wrote her literary
works. for example, in Pride and
Prejudice novel, she hinted it with realism style, which is a sharp
expression of the social condition of the era of Victorian. How marriage is
considered a transaction in continuing the family tree. She also adds some
issues from ethics, politeness, until the social issues that are still warm if
we talk about it. in addition, Pride and
Prejudice novel itself also tells about the love story of the characters.
We can say that all of Jane Austen’s literary works is like a critique to the
social condition which is come from the events that happened at the time. The
plot of the story discusses the importance of marriage for woman at the time. In
that time, many marriages happened because of to ensure the social and economic
status of each family. most of Jane Austen’s novel highlights the social issues
that are still warm if we talk about it now.

Pride and Prejudice
is one of the literary works in novel forms that written by Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice is a novel that
published on 28 January 1813. Jane Austen herself is one of the British
novelist who comes from a simple family but with her simplicity does not being
a barrier to become a great novelist with her potential that she has. Jane
Austen also a famous writer among the upper class so that most of his literary
works are more widely known among the upper class at the time. During her
lifetime, Jane Austen has made many kinds of literary works, in various forms,
such as poetry, novel, short fiction, and also drama. The famous literary works
of Jane Austen are Pride and Prejudice,
Sense and Sensibility as well as Emma.
In every her literary works, she does not forget to imply her feeling about the
social condition in her country. The style of the realism that she puts in
every her literary works became the Jane Austen characteristic while made a
literary works. the realism style that she shown in most of her literary works
was an expression that she wanted to put in the forms of literary works. this
expression contained the social issues that happened at the time she lived. 

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