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Previous Nutrient management Expert Systems like, Kissan,
Nutrisonic, NUMASS and many Agri tech portals focuses on providing various Nutrition
values and facts concerned with or
involving the theory of area of study rather than its practical application,
to the farmers .But, the main research challenge is to be user friendly for the
harvester or end user.

Existing system is based on manual data and recordings. The information are just
collecting the farmers nutrient observation, processing the same and then
provide the appropriate nutrient management solutions. No direct input obtained
by the farmers. Due to improper managements of the nutrients, improper soil
testing and sampling, Physiological disorders may occur. Physiological disorder
is the abnormal growth pattern or abnormal external or internal conditions of
plant due to adverse environmental conditions such as deviation from normal
state of temperature, light, moisture, nutrient, harmful gases and in adequate
supply of growth regulators.

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proposed model aims to develop a recommendation system to identify and provide
a solution for agricultural crop nutrient that helps the farmers. This system
obtain better precision based on sensors .The system attempt to provide a
complete and integrated decision support for the farmers that focus on crop
protection and provide the farmers with balanced nutrient management
strategies. The decision is to be made by considering many factors such as
weather, soil testing, sampling at regular intervals, PH level of the soil
,soil fertility of the land ,supply of water requirements , Bio and organic
manures , lack of Macro and Micro nutrients ,nutrient functions and deficiency
symptoms in order to reach a better decision.

performance measures of evaluation of the proposed method is to be determined
by the of accuracy level of the soil testing and ph value reports, sensitivity,
efficiency and effectiveness of the data collected from the farm and expert.

Expert System is a true way to reach the farmers. The main aim is to provide
easy access and timely accessibility of Nutrient management to the
practitioners, nutrient identification and suggest them with the best
management strategies to improve their yield with the help of expert advice.



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