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President Trump has sparked outrage over his racist comments over the past week. Many people have come out to condemn the utterances. Majority of the opinion columns in the newspapers are offering condemnation for the comments that everyone has profiled as racist. The paper will look at an opinion column in the New York Times that categorically refers to Trump as a racist.Perspective Being CommunicatedRacism ?The column passes a message of condemnation to racism. It starts by noting that Trump is a racist (Blow, 2018). Despite him being involved in numerous incidences that qualify to be termed as racist, he has never come out to apologize. He always denies such deeds and utterances. Therefore, the column profiles him as a racist. It notes that the utterances by racists cannot be differentiated from their deeds. They will get reflected in the appointments made. His policies will be a clear reflection of his beliefs.Uncertainty ?The column further notes that there have been other presidents who were racists. It urges the people to ensure that Trump is the last one (Blow, 2018). There is an expression of uncertainty on the president completing his term. The column notes that Trump would be lucky to see the end of his first term and seems sure that he will not get a second one. Leads to the Conclusion?I arrive at the conclusion on racism due to the column’s wide coverage of the vise. It discusses it broadly and stands out to criticize it. In trying to offer a remedy, it leads to the second conclusion of uncertainty. It urges that to fight it, no other racist president should be voted. It leads to uncertainty over President Trump’s tenure.Matching Perspectives?The column’s perspective matches with mine. I condemn racism and would not want to have any other president who takes it further. It is time to stop racism and having dishonest leaders who would not admit a wrong and apologize will not bring it to an end. I am in support that leaders who are quiet over the continued racial outbursts by the president are the greatest hypocrisy (Blow, 2018). It does not serve any good but instead will keep getting more of the racial slurs against people different from the whites. Basics of the Christian Worldview?The column is in line with the Christian worldview that talks about treating all people equally and with love. It Condemns the American history, which created preferential positions to the white (Blow, 2018). The column condemns such acts and seeks to have all people given equal treatment and respect. It also quotes an author who talks about people failing to believe in what one says since they can see their deeds (Blow, 2018). It is in line with the Christian perspective, whichadvocates that people of the faith need to match their beliefs with actions. The claim that one is not a racist should not just be a mere talk but needs to be shown from one’s actions. The words by Trump contradict his deeds.?In conclusion, the column profiles President Trump as a racist. It condemns his racial utterances that will later be reflected in actions. His term is uncertain since his utterances do not show respect to other people. The column lines with the Christian beliefs of love and equality to all people. It condemns racism and everyone who supports it in the president’s circle. 

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