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Presentation Essay – The Biopsychosocial Implications
of Having Four Layer Bandages


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For this essay I was asked to address the following question in regards
to my presentation “What are the Biological, Psychological and Social
implications of having four layer bandages”. To answer this question I will be
using a number of different databases in order to find the evidence that I

My presentation was based upon a nursing intervention, where I decided
to focus on venous leg ulcers and choosing what was the best type of
compression therapy to use in order to heal the wound. The title of my
presentation was “Does the evidence-base support the use of compression therapy
in aid of healing a venous leg ulcer?” I used 2 databases in order to find the
correct evidence that I needed. Both pieces of evidence sat at the top of the
hierarchy of evidence and the framework I used was Polit and Beck (2008).

A systematic review and an
RCT are the best type of
evidence you can have on the hierarchy. According to Cochrane (2018) a systematic
review summarises the results of available
carefully designed studies which provides a high level of evidence on the
effectiveness of healthcare interventions. According to the
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE, 2017) a randomised
control trial is a study in which a number of similar people are randomly
assigned to 2 or more groups to test a specific drug, treatment or other

After placing both pieces of evidence on the hierarchy I
appraised both pieces where I found that the evidence in both articles
supported the use of compression therapy in aid of healing a venous leg ulcer. My second piece of evidence found that there was no
evidence of a difference in venous ulcer healing between the two layered
hosiery and the 4 layered bandaging. Whereas my first piece of evidence found
that the four layered bandaging was the most effective type of bandaging to use
for a venous leg ulcer. Research is vital within a nurse’s role to keep up to
date on new research and to help give the best possible care to patients.

Explain what bio, psycho, social is:

In the 19th century the biomedical approach was created as
there was an increase in knowledge of health and illness due to development of
science and technology Rana and Upton (2009). Due to limitations in the
biomedical model a new model was proposed for explain health and illness. Engel
(1977) created the psychological and social aspects to the biological aspect of
the biomedical model. This new theory was then called the biopsychosocial
approach, according to Rana and Upton (2009), the biopsychosocial approach allows
a better understanding of the determinants of disease. Sarafino and Smith (2010)
also believe the influence illness has on behaviours, feelings and emotions play
a major role in the aetiology and advance of health problems.

Engal (1977) also states that the biopsychosocial Model of Health and
Illness implies that behaviours, thoughts and feeling may influence a physical
state. The model is a very important aspect of medical care as it broadens the
range in which health and illness can be observed in clinical practice. It also
ensures that the patient is interviewed and seen as a person and not simply as
just a patient with an illness which has interfered for their normal

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