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As an IT technician, we need
to prepare for installing or upgrading a hardware installation before taking
out component or open the case. By preparing, it makes us more much quicker and
more effective when upgrading it. By Planning, it ensures us that we are properly prepared,
with the correct tools, access rights to make any necessary configuration
changes, and understand of what should be done and how to test the installation
was successful. If we don’t prepare or plan before procedure, we are probably to
waste time.

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The following tasks need to be carried out before any
installation can take place:







an IT Technician, we need to test it after installing hardware. We need to
choose suitable tests to check the hardware installation is properly before
giving it to customer. Example, New Network card might need some test to
guarantee it work properly. The test might include the Send a ping to a known
site – –, It Recognize
with Device Manager without any problem.

Test Configuration

Test need more to be correct to make
sure that the installation is working properly. Example, When Upgrading RAM, we
might need a software to run some test to ensure that the RAM is working fine.
The software is MemTest86, Window Memory Diagnosis & RAM Test Software.

Reading Instruction

By Reading Instruction, we can save
time and result on a installation that works well first time. Instruction is
where it explain on how it done and why it should be there. Instruction always
found on new product and we can also found it on the internet usually by IT

Following Procedure

As an It Technician, we ensure that
every IT Technician to follow procedure when installation. The Procedure make
sure that installation is correctly fine, record every single step, Hardware is
properly check and Customer sign off to check the work is completely fine. This
method makes sure that every step is properly works and tested completely.

Safety Check

We need to make sure that when
installation we need to check safety to make sure that that component is safe
to use and no dangers remain. Example of safety check is to check if it still has
electricity on the component.

Obtain Resources

You need to obtain all the resources
for installation before start.


We need some tools to dissemble and
assemble the computer. It may need some special tools to check some component
such cable Teste – test Component and we need to check the tools s in excellent
condition before using it


Hardware Component should be ready
before it starts as we will not stop the installation in halfway through
searching parts. Always responsible with the component.

Access Rights

Need access rights to the system that
will need to use the new hardware such Network card containing cd that need
administrator rights to work on the computer or CD will be useless.

Associated Installation Software

Need all copies of installation
software that require to install the hardware such new driver need to be
installed for network card to ensure it working

Check Equipment

We need to check the hardware whether
the it has faulty such as bent pins or breakages on it and to check the
equipment that we are using is working perfectly fine to ensure that both
Equipment and hardware doesn’t have any problem

Backing Up Data

We need to back up our data before
installation to prevent from data loss where there is possibility that our data
be loss or corrupt.

Recording Serial Numbers

Each component has it serial number to
give it a unique experience. This serial number is important that can help us
in future supports and for warranty replacement. Manufacture might ask serial
number to claim warranty on damaged component.

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