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Premodern women’s voices,
like Hutchinson’s, were often overshadowed by their husbands, fathers, or any
man in fact. Women were taught from a young age to obey the males in their
lives, this meant to stay in a line they were dared not to cross. Keeping this
in mind, women were expected to support the society and remain compliant to
their rules. Women’s “duties” consisted of willingly being a submissive to
their husbands, house duties, and teaching the children their roles in the

 Hutchinson’s spiritual relationship began at a
very young age because her father was a clergyman. Therefore, when she had a
“direct revelation from God”, there was no hesitation to begin preaching. Her
speeches were so significant because not only was a woman challenging the
Puritan doctrine with her personal interpretation, but the speeches she gave
gathered crowds containing both men and women. This was not a “one time” event,
Hutchinson gathered on a weekly basis, much like a formal church assembly.
During the trial judge Winthrop states, “Mrs. Hutchinson, you are called here
as one of those that have troubled the peace … you have spoken of
diverse things …as a thing not tolerable nor comely in the sight of God
nor fitting for your sex.” (Cullen-DuPont, 2018)

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Sex was important during
colonial times because depending on if you were a male or female, it determined
your value and which boundaries you had. Females had little to no voice in many
situations and expectations were high since the ripe age of thirteen. Keep
yourself pure, listen to your husband or father, and be a good role model to
your children. These were the sole responsibilities of a woman. Having a voice
threatened men, so when a lady decided to step out of line, she was banished from
the colony in hopes of discouraging any other woman who thinks to follow her
lead. The battle of the sexes has been the longest war by far. Who is superior?
Why? What makes a man more dominant? Why do women have the short end of the
stick? Why is when a man rebels, it’s no big deal, but when a woman decides to
have a voice, all hell breaks loose? 

The significance of the trial
of Anne Hutchinson was that she was a woman who threatened the beliefs of
society. This was uncommon for women in that time, or many just kept it to
themselves if they were “smart”. Public speaking, especially preaching, was un-lady
like and frowned upon because the man was the head of the church. Consequently,
when the public began hearing a woman was drawing crowds with her religious
speeches, news traveled like a plague. Hutchinson wasn’t fulfilling her
role as a woman or mother in the eyes of society because she didn’t follow the
basic principles.  All this led to fear of an “upside down world” where
women were on the same social status as men, so Anne Hutchinson was banished
with her children from her colony before she could poison any more minds and
later killed by Indians. 

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