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Pre-Pruning is an important step of maintaining your vineyard.
It can save you time and money by reducing the number of hours it takes during
the final pruning. It’s also a great way to prevent disease. That’s because
fungal spores can attack the vine during winter – potentially leading to an
infection called Eutypa lata. By cutting the excess canes early, you can help
prevent the spread of this disease.

Do you
pre-prune your vineyard? If so, are you using manual methods or do you have
equipment that is specifically designed for this purpose? The Pellenc Disco Pre-Pruner is a mechanical option
that might be just what you’re looking for.

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Pellenc Disco Pre-Pruner

Vineyard management is a breeze with this kind of equipment.
It’s a simple and economical way to pre-prune your vineyard. It’s lightweight
and versatile, so working around the vines is easy. Maintenance on this
equipment is fast and simple – one less thing for you to worry about.

Below are some useful features of the Pellenc Disco Pre-Pruner.

Working speeds up to 3 mph

4.5 gal/min hydraulic requirement

Electric control of all functions

Multivi joystick

Ergonomic console

Boron steel discs


Additional benefits of the Pellenc Disco Pre-Pruner include:

The small footprint and reduced overhang makes it stable on
slopes and uneven ground

Unique shape of the discs ensure a good, clean cut of the vine

Works great, no matter how dense the vegetation

A quiet, comfortable ride for the operator

Additional options available to help increase effectiveness and
maximize performance

Using Mechanical Equipment

machinery has mechanical grape pruners for sale, ready to go. The use of this
equipment will save you time and money — allowing you to focus on other
aspects of vineyard management. Give us a call today
to get started.



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