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Poverty, more than 3 billion people are living in it. Many of which can’t do anything about it. There are many factors as to why people are in poverty such as having no job or a poor paying job. Many of these people choose to take risks to have a better future, especially if they have a family. I was born in Queretaro Mexico, along with my 4 siblings. My parents decided to move to another country for a better life, for all of us. At the time I was only three years old, so I don’t remember everything that happened. This was life changing, but not just for me, for my parents too. This was a chance for them to start over and provide a better future for us. So we left with the clothes on our backs and took the money we had and fit ourselves in our small suv, at the time my mother was pregnant. From Mexico my parents took us to Florida where we had family. They gave us a place to stay and even a change of clothes. Eventually my dad decided to move to North Carolina, and that’s where we are today. But because of what we did, the only person who could have a job was my dad. In time, he saved up enough so that we could go back to Mexico and come back the correct way. This process took almost two months to complete. Although my mother wasn’t able to go with us, she would eventually have the opportunity in the near future. In the world we live in today, there are many problems that face every country. One of them being immigration, the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Here in the US, illegal immigration is a major problem. In a report written by Steven A. Camarota titled “Immigrants in the United States.” Said that the immigrant population hit a record 43.7 million in July 2016, legal and illegal. That’s 13.3 percent of the nation’s population. A large amount of immigrants have low level education. 28% have not completed high school while 30% have at least a bachelor’s degree. In 2014 10.5 million immigrants had a college degree or higher. In 2014 21% of immigrants lived in poverty. Even though immigrants have a high work-rate, they are more likely to work low-wage jobs.Moving on to summer of 2016, my parents finally had everything they needed, they went to Mexico so that my mom could finally live like an American. We were all happy, and expected that it was going to take as long as it did for us, but that wasn’t the case. A month after my parents left, my dad randomly calls my sister and she started crying. I didn’t know what to think, but I was scared. She then handed me the phone, sadness hit me so hard that I started to tear up. He said that our mom wasn’t going to be coming back with him. How could it possibly all go wrong just like that? Turns out my parents didn’t have all the paperwork, there was one paper missing and can take years to acquire. This was a major event in my life because this all happened on my last year of high school.For many teens, their senior year is an important one. Its filled with applying to colleges, getting scholarships, and the list goes on. For me, it was the most important year of high school. My mom being 2000 miles away had a big impact on all of us, especially my father. At times he would be sad and not talk to us. I understood, them being married for over 20 years, being separated from her was a big deal. Eventually my dad started drifting further away. At the time I was the oldest, since my older siblings were in college. Which only meant more for me to do. I would work 30 hours a week at a fast food place, and also had sports and school. So I didn’t have much free time, but when I did I would spend it with my younger siblings. If I had extra money I would spend it on them because I knew my dad wouldn’t be able to buy them anything since he is paying for all the necessities. In our household, mother would be the one who cooked and cleaned and did everything mothers do. Without one, you really start to notice how much they do. Thanks to the help from my and father, we managed. This had a big impact on me because they haven’t been through their senior year yet and I wouldn’t be able to go to them for help or advice. This took a big toll on me, my dad and I didn’t have the best relationship. I had done something that lost his trust in me and to this day, he still feels the same. In the past, if I had a problem I would talk to my mom. I didn’t have anyone to go to and it made me feel alone and separated from everyone. The results of this started to arise, I started making bad choices and didn’t focus in school. School work started to become too much and I would occasionally skip class because of it. I would lie to my dad and tell him I was getting out of work late when I was really just trying to get away from home. Most people consider their home as a place of peace, somewhere you are always welcome. For me it was different, I tried to stay away from home. Sneaking out at night started to happen daily. In school I kept to myself, and kept this from my few friends I had. But I didn’t want my actions to cause problems at home. Since I was the oldest at home, I was setting a bad example for my younger siblings. I realized what I had become and decided to change. I called my mom and told her what had been happening, she wasn’t upset. She understood that her being away was a big deal, she told me that no matter what she will alway be there and for me to keep pushing forward. From that day I made a choice to get rid of everything that was bad in my life and to not look back. In school, my grades improved significantly. I applied to college and even got accepted. On the day of graduation, I wasn’t as happy as everyone else. Whenever it was my turn to walk, I realized this was what she was talking about. Everything that happened in the past happened for a reason. Even though my life took a bad turn, she was there for me and she’s the reason I’m here today.Mothers play a big role in a child’s life, whether it’s when they’re young or old. They know how we feel without us having to say a word. Mothers also have a special gift of intuition. It gives them a strong sense of what is good for their child. Since we were babies, mothers have devoted their time to nurturing and teaching us to grow up to make history, and good decisions. Of all the attributes a mother has, the mother’s heart is her biggest. A mother’s heart is not only soft and tender, but itis also tough. There is no better feeling than having a mother’s arms wrapped around us when we are lonely or afraid. Mothers teach us to have confidence and belief in ourselves. They know from experience how important it is, having self confidence can lead one to achieve and celebrate more. When you want to become the person you dreamed of, your mother will be behind you support you.If one gets hurt or rejected in any way, mothers have the magic touch (and kiss) to help us heal our wounds, physical and emotional. The job of a mother is to teach us how to become functioning adults because without that, making it through the modern world would be very hard. Mothers may have forced you to do your homework, eat your greens and brush your teeth but now you see how much of a good mother she was. For every President, athlete, employee, doctor, astronaut, there is a mother behind them who raised them to reach his or hers full potential.

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