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 Population has boomed since 1900 in Texas, the United States, and all around the
world. The boom has caused farm lands to change into subdivisions and sometimes
even small towns. The growth of population and the shrink of farm lands have caused
farms to have to use very expensive machines and to rush growing season with many
different chemicals. They are not great for our foods.
In the great state of Texas, the population was just barely over 3 million people in
1900. Today, the population of Texas is almost at 28 million people. The state has not
grown in geographical size either. In 1900, Texas had 350,000 farms which means that
about 70% of Texans lived on the farm. Today, Texas only has 250,000 farms. Also,
only 14% of Texans have an agricultural related job. The decline in farms is mostly
related to machines being able to do what man can do much faster and farms turning
into developments. Due to the population boom, Texas has also had to change what
they feed their animals. Cows and chickens are injected with steroids so they can
grow to be much bigger than usual. The steroids have a mixed blessing for Texas. On
one hand, with the amount of meat produced by each animal being greater, a food
shortage has been prevented. One the other, the meat is now not very healthy at all.
Steroids are terrible for humans and for the animals. Texas has changed its farming
practices over the years.
In the greatest nation on Earth, The United States of America, farming practices have
also changed a lot since 1900. The population of the United States was only 76 million
in 1900. Today, the population sits at 326 million people. In 1900, 5.7 million farms
existed in the United States. An estimated 29.4 million people lived on a farms in the
United States. Famers made up about 38% of the workforce. Today, only 2.06 million
farms exist in the United States. Today, only 3.2 million farmers exist in the United
States which equals less than 2% of the workforce. The farming decline has caused
the same result nationwide as it did in the great state of Texas. Machines have
become big on farms and chemicals are also added to the animals and to the crops to
be much bigger than normal size. The negatives outweigh the positives nationwide.
Although a food shortage has been prevented, at least 14 ingredients regularly in our
food are banned in Europe. America has become a lot less healthy since 1900.
The world has not followed the same the Texas and The United States have. In most
countries in the world, the same farming processes with a few modern twists are being
used. The world population in 1900 was only 1.6 billion. Today, the world population
sits at a whopping 7.5 billion. The population growth has caused many food shortages
in the world, especially in third world countries. Although there are no exact numbers
available, the number of farms has clearly gone down since 1900 and that clearly is a
problem. Now that 1 and 5 children face hunger around the world, it is time to start
farming again. Maybe speeding up plant and animal growth is a good thing.
Farming has clearly changed since the year 1900. Genetic processing and other
processes have helped the United States keep up with the population boom. The
world now has more hunger than ever and it is not going to slow down. Farming is
only declining and it will not stop. Somehow, the decline of farming needs to stop.
Having 20% of children in the world facing hunger is unacceptable. Children will not
die. The decline of farming will stop. Farming will become a big source of labor again.
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