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Pop’s PopularityAlthough music and vocal (or instrumental) sounds might not seem to be a modern phenomenon, society says otherwise. Today more than ever does music receive such recognition. During the past decade music has had a huge influence over thousands. Many so passionate towards it. Might be because of all the various genres it has to offer. A genre is a category which recognize pieces of music as belonging to a shared set of ways (and is often used to distinguish) The genre I will be focusing on today would be pop.Pop is probably the most popular genre among them all. Pop music first originated in the United States and United Kingdom during the mid 1950s. Pop music is eclectic, and will often borrow components from other styles such as urban, dance, rock, Latin, and country. Pop music will usually be identified by its primary factors which generally include short to medium-length songs (1:00-3:00 mins) created in a simple format of the verse and chorus including a common use of repeated choruses, melodic tunes, and hooks( Pop is not considered  a do it yourself genre but more of a professionally produced and packaged one Cambridge Books pop music typically targets teenagers with its lyrics focused on relatable themes such as romance and friendships. Pop music has now been dominated by the American and British music industries. These industries have further expanded the popularity of pop music, by producing their local versions and wider trends, with lending local characteristics.Now that we know a little bit more about pop allow me to introduce you to some of its subgenres.Some sub genres in the category (genre) of pop are, Pop Rap, Bubblegum Pop, and Dance Pop. Pop Rap is a subgenre of pop that mixes the rhythm based lyrics of hip hop music along with pop’s preference for euphemistic vocals and alluring tunes. Pop Rap first obtained popularity in the mainstream during the 1990s. Its lyrics are often carefree and cheerful. Some examples of pop rap would be late hip hop artists, Run DMC and Beastie Boys. Moving on Dance Pop is a subgenre which originated in the early 1980s. This subgenre is usually a form of up tempo music intended for nightclubs however it must also be suitable to be played on hit radio( Dance Pop also tends to be more producer driven, with its distinctive strong beats and simple song structures. Some examples of Dance Pop would be artist such as Selena Gomez and Katy Perry.Last but not least Bubblegum Pop, which eventually became known as Pop Punk. Bubblegum Pop predominantly used unknown singers and upbeat sounds to market (to teens). Bubblegum’s subgenre was chiefly more of a singles sensation (also known as one hit wonders) rather than an album directed one ( Might be why its period only lasted from 1967 up until 1977. During its short lived period The Archies, an animated group had perhaps the most successful bubblegum song ever. “Sugar, Sugar” which was actually Billboard Magazine’s No. 1 single for 1969. These are just three sub genres of pop there are still more however (I believe there is an estimated amount of 78). It is no surprise now as to why Pop is the most popular genre. With a mix of rock, rap, dance, etc… there is a pop song out there for everyone. Which means that its period is most likely not vanishing anytime soon.

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