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sir long chain like molecular structure where repeated molecular units are
connected by covalent bonds. Variation in crystallization and orientation
results in mast morphologies of polymerase today. Main properties of polymers
are there good chemical resistivity at room temperature they show low density
and Young’s modulus they are brittle at low temperature and can be structured
films Polymers can be used in TV radio computer bags automobile Tyres flooring
materials electrical components etc..


can be classified on the basis of temperature into two types. One is
thermoplastics they are soft and deformable. Heating the heating process is
reversible example of thermoplastic is linear Polymers like PVC. St category is
thermosetting Polymers day becomes hard and rigid upon heating the heating
process is a reversible example of thermosetting polymer is network Polymers
like if phenol formaldehyde.

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can also categorised into organic polymer and inorganic polymer. A polymer
whose backbone is made up of with carbon atoms is called organic polymer. Examples
of organic Polymers are cellulose proteins nylons etc. Some Polymers does not
have a carbon atom in their seen such a polymer support inorganic polymer
example of inorganic Polymers are glass silicone rubber etc. Next one is
network polymer or cross linked polymer.

The process by which monomer unit linked together and forms
big polymer units is called polimeriAtion. The process of polymerization can be
classified into different types. First one is addition polymerization heremonomer
units just are together to form a Polymer without the elimination of any
product. Example of such polymer is polyethylene. Next one is condensation
polymerization. Here monomers react to form form polymers with the elimination
of small molecules like a water Ammonia etc.

can also be classified on the basis of molecular structure of polymer. They are
linear polymer branched polymer and network polymer. Linear Polymers have high
density . Common examples of linear polymer or high density polyethylene PVC
nylon etc. Next one is branched polymer.Branched polymers have low density
lower tensile strength etc. Example of branched polymer is polyethylene.


Polymers was discovered in the late seventies by Alan higa daughter.

the discovery of conducting polymers Polymers are mainly used as insulators in
electronic in industry. They have so much of advantages over contact us their
chemical advantages are redox behaviour catalytic properties Electro chemical
effects water activity junction effect and transport possible etc. There
mechanical advantages over normal contact us are lightweight flexible non
metallic surface properties etc. Polymers can be made conducting upon doping.
On doping process Polymers becomes electronically charged and polymer chains
generate charger careers.Conductivity can be different simply by Ohm’s law.
Conductivity depends on the number of Charge 
careers or number of electrons in the material and their mobility. A
Polymer actors conductive polymers only if it is satisfied some conditions. It
should have conjugated Double bonds or alternate single and double bonds.

Polymers can be categorised into different ways. First one is electron
conducting Polymers example of an electron conducting polymer is polyacetylene.
They are the first conducting Polymers to be synthesized. They can be doctor
with iodine and their reaction conditions help us to control their morphology. They
can be made up to powder for spongy form filling form and gel form. Search
Polymers are mainly synthesized by dehydrohalogenation of vinyl.l chloride.

of polymer backbone to a charge Pi conjugated system is called doping. They are

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