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Political system is a system of formal legal institutions that constitute a ‘government’ or a ‘state’. It can be compared to a law system, nervous system, solar system, cultural system and so on. There are different types of government but the most important one in political system of today is the nation-state. There ae more than 190 countries in the world today in which the government of each nation has a supreme rule or final authority over its citizens. There are several kinds of supranational political systems, which was as a result of the division of the world into separate states, examples are Empires (the great empires of Egypt, China etc.), Leagues (the Achaean and Aetolian leagues in ancient Greece and the Hanseatic and Swabian leagues in Europe).


Political authority for federal systems is divided into two self-ruling sets of governments: national and subnational. In early history we had an organization called Tribe, though the tribal community is still a major form of human political organization.

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There are different political systems around the world but focusing on the five most common political systems today, includes:


1.     Democracy

2.     Republic

3.     Monarchy

4.     Communism

5.     Dictatorship.


1.     Democracy: an example of a democratic government would be the United States of America, it’s a system that allows every individual to participate. There are two major types:

·      Direct democracy which is a type of democracy that ‘allows its citizens to vote directly for laws and policies’.

·      Representative democracy is a ‘variety of democracy founded on the principle group of people as opposed to direct democracy. All citizens participate. People elect representatives who vote on laws for us, answer through regular elections and are held accounted by the constitution.’


2.     Republic: a republic is a political system where the government is subject to those governed. An example is the Republic of India.


3.     Monarchy: a ruler not chosen by the voice of the people but usually a hereditary ruler. A good example is Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.


4.     Communism is an authoritarian political system. ‘Communist states are often dominated by a single party or a group of people’. The government owns and controls the transportation and manufacturing industries and all the property is public. Example is North Korea.


5.     Dictatorship: this is another authoritarian form of government. A dictator is an individual ruling the country with absolute power without effective constitutional limitations. Examples are Vladimir Putin of Russia, Xi Jinping of China, Idriss Deby of Chad, Kim Jong-Un of North Korea and so on.





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