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Plant analysis gives a direct indication of the
nutritional status of the plant and may show a strong correlation with yields
(Ahn, 1993; Foster and Prabowo, 2002). Plant chemical analysis may be another
helpful tool in establishing fertilizer requirements. The plant’s nutritional
status is the net effect of variables related to soil, plant, climate, and
management (Ahn, 1993).

In perennials, nutrient deficiencies can be
detected through plant (Usually leaves are used) in the analysis and corrected
before they have an effect on production (Ahn, 1993; Smilde, 1985). Foliar
diagnosis will provide a better understanding on the nutrient uptake and the
it’s proper interpretation will help in providing idea about the plant nutrient

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(Theobroma cacao L.) is a
preferentially alogamous tropical woody species formerly in the Sterculiaceae
family (Cuatrecasas, 1964) and reclassified in the Malvaceae family (Alverson et al., 1999) which originates from the
tropical rainforests of the Americas. Cocoa is grown almost exclusively within
10°N and 10°S of the equator; predominantly grown in the tropical areas of
central and south America, Asia and Africa (Marita et al., 2001). Here, the
climate is warm and humid and thus suitable for growing cocoa (Hartemink and
Donald, 2005).

 It is considered one of the most important
perennial crop in the planet, Global annual production of cocoa currently
exceeds 4 million tons. However, while global demand for sustainable cocoa is
growing annually by 2 to 3 %, while Africa still contributes about 72% of the global
supply (ICCO, 2015). Cocoa is a major source of export earnings for many
producing countries; mostly it is commercially exploited for seed output mainly
for chocolate manufacturing and consumed in Western Europe and the United
States (ICCO, 2012, 2015). However, derivatives and by products of cocoa can
also be transformed in cosmetics, fine beverages, jellies, ice creams.

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