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                         PLAN OF STUDY/RESEARCH INTEREST

I am a twenty-six-year-old practicing
Computer Engineering in Ghana and I have always been fascinated by the
invention of the computer and the internet. Engineering and technology as a
whole has made work easier, faster and enjoyable. This passion informed me to
study science in one of the best high schools which helped me get into the best
university (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) in my country
to study Computer Engineering. I intend taking a break off field practise in
order to pursue advanced studies in computer engineering to help secure the
digital journey of my country.

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I have chosen to study in Canada ahead
of other countries because of the great education system, the ground-breaking
research in information and network security and the equal importance placed on
theoretical studies and practical skills. I choose University of Windsor because
of the active research in communication systems a network security and
management being carried out by your excellent faculty. My family and I found
the tuition and living cost to be affordable than the other schools I applied
to. The unique and flexible curriculum you have in Master in Electrical
Engineering was also a major reason in me choosing University of Windsor. The
opportunity to carry out research in network security and management in your
state of art laboratories is going to help me achieve my professional goal as a
senior network engineer. These courses, introduction to IT, operating system,
computer networking, object oriented programming, data structures and algorithm,
software engineering, digital signal processing offered in my bachelors gives
me the required foundation to study this master’s program.

After college in May 2014), I worked
with the National Information Technology Agency(NITA) as a national service
intern from August 2014 to September 2015. In 2010 China’s development package to
my country contained a loan of US$150 million for e-governance project to be
implemented by Huawei and NITA. Huawei and NITA were to build the biggest data
centre in West Africa. At NITA, I was placed in the infrastructure team to
monitor, supervise and be involved in the installation of Huawei’s IDS2000
Large Series at the national data centre (Tier 3). I was involved in the
installation of rack cabinets, power supply and distribution systems, cooling
systems, cabling systems, fire systems, management software and much more day.
We installed more than 160 racks, 40 power distributions(pdf’s),40 power supply
(UPS), servers, switches, routers, batteries, generators etc. I was later
promoted into the network team where I learnt Huawei’s monitoring and
management software “NetEco”. At NITA, my interest in network security reached
an all-time high and saw how the country lacked qualified personnel in the field.

The President of my country Ghana on 23rd
October 2017 at the National Cybersecurity week said “his government intends,
in the new few months, to establish a National Cyber Security Centre, to liaise
with relevant state agencies and the private sector to oversee cyber security operations
at the national level”. He continued by “saying the country cannot fully reap
the digital dividends associated with the adoption of Information and
Communications(ICT) as a means of our
socio-economic transformation if the country fails to mitigate both existing
and emerging cyber security threats.” I can’t wait to increase my knowledge in this field in order
to join hands with government stop blackmails, debit card fraudsters referred
to as “Sakawa boys”, who steal from unsuspecting victims. The action of such deviant
characters has being hurting the international image of the country and,
therefore, must be stopped.



I deem it suitable to support my next leap in life with
an abroad study experience that will provide a miscellaneous outlook to my
career development. This learning experience will be last foil of my
three-pronged knowledge acquisition model; practical experience from field
practise, theoretical experience from the locally based academia as well as the

theoretical and practical dimension.


I’m sure the experience gained from the attachments and
national service will come to bear during the study of the program. I was
involved in some extracurricular activities which helped develop my leadership
qualities. I was a mobile phone, computer repairer and consumer electronics
consultant during my four-year bachelor education. As stated in my CV, I was
assistant cell leader of Loveworld Unity hall Christian fellowship during my
four years in college. I can’t wait to enjoy the unique support and guidance
you give to international students. I look forward to your positive response. Thank
you for your time and consideration.
















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