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Pikard 2009) HIV guidance and testing is known a wisdom an effective and pivtical strategy for both HIV and various (Lyons, 2005). 60% of these young people are adolescent between 14-19  age or, the human immune, deficiency, various and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS epidemic is one of the most human and development affects facing the whole  people the current  times. HIV one the heavier affecting in human behaviors are certainly and destructive to the humanist (Adekeye 2006-2010) or repetition by the attachment united nation methods HIV various UNAIDS 2010).

The most heavily affected the Saharan African accounted for 69% of HIV/various remains the region infection the whole country 70% of new HIV/AIDS infection among adolescence, 90% of new HIV infection among adolescences, the nation all account for 75% of the worlds, enabling unaffected individuals to remain uninfected and those infected to planned for the future and protecting HIV transmutation to others, this achieve through helping by counseling who offer fear and posttest counselor, HIV infected and by forming they are a protect to promoting acceptance core and provide helping system.

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1.1 Background

In Addis Ababa University students are among the heavily sexually and high HIV problem adolescence  population collection, but unfortunately voluntary counseling testing up take very law 38% -40% among this group population, examining the factor to fustily HIV prevention and protect efforts, voluntary guidance and testing (VCT) is one among different approaches which have been implemented as an attempt to show the transmutation of HIV infection and minimize its affect at the individual family and society level, voluntary counseling test is perceived to be an effect strategies in problem lower among sexual activity adolescence people live tertiary level Addis Ababa university student.

Ethiopia is one of the country with the most incidence of HIV various affected is sub African country, the first two people were diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 and since then the country has had many deaths due to AIDS the point understanding in 2007 should that the number of people including 59% where females, the national adult HIV prevalence in similarity year stated to be 2.1% of which 7.8% was from urban and 0.9% from rural area. Accounting to the 2008 AIDS understanding in Ethiopian people between 18-20 year had the most the prevalence of HIV guidance and  testing have been organized as the key enter point to prevalence care,  helping to organizing the implication of the HIV refers and make infancies alternative for the further.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The support of HIV/AIDS analyze adolescence in Addis Ababa is 4.5% same study attitude the high the prevalence of HIV and AIDS the adolescent to poor understanding or analysis of source of transmit ion, the shortage of relevant knowledge attitude problem and friendly sources of youth, HIV universal is many threat to youth understanding.

(Absenca.Degu.alemu 2002) the prevalence of HAIV and ADIS among adolescent in Ethiopia 4.8% how to protect transmission is the first step to avoid inflection, this especially significance for adolescent and youth who in 2007 accounted 3% of new HIV infection, comprehensive and perfectly knowledge of HIV among group is un acceptable law in most country, most of affecting HIV/ADIS the youth people most promoting in academic transmission.

1.3 Voluntary HIV Counseling Testing

Is a methods in which individual or copies under 90 counselor to enable them to make informed alternative about being testing for HIV/ADIS, the interview understanding most be totally that of the couple or individual being testing HIV counseling and interpret and analyzing have been identify as the key to privation, core transferring and helping sources, voluntary HIV consular test is universal as one the same potentially effective and affordable processes for decreasing the translation HIV developing country, the reports identify adolescence people to HIV and practically the probability of adolescent some women, nonetheless, this has not transferring into adding utilization of the voluntary HIV counselor sources (Sharqual, 2006)

1.4 Definition Key Term Concept

Adolescence: the task of define adolescence challenge of difficulet.adolesence is variable for example, culture, history, individual and society. Translation from child hood to adult hood that is marked by different physical, understanding and social, cultural change (Ajdukavic, 1998)

Attitude. The tendency of predisposing ascertain manner and relatively to evaluate think believes. Feeling. Behavioral individual’s .group institution towards social important object (Hagg.Vavghan.2008)

Counseling: theprofessionalsubfiledofdealswiththedidgonsisortreatmentofpeoplewithmentalpsychologcal       problem social, acadamic, health, and vocational.  (Fentvine, Fietcher 2004), the other to organize himself, herself better to attain from the free form by adjusting to a situations.

Discrimination: is an expirations of individual attitude, interest, motivation socio economic status   important create  and maintain to create single assumption inequality (Pcorber, aggleten, 2002) an action or  think based on stigma and directed in different stigmatization social process used to crate and maintains social control to produce and reproduce social inequality or dis opportunity

1.5 Research Objective

The researcher objective of the study to:

·         understanding youth knowledge voluntary HIV counselor or and testing

·         Establishing youth attitude towards testing for HIV

·         Determine factor that influence voluntary HIV counseling to testing utilization

·         Understanding of HIV counselor in testing in the environmental affecting in human behavioral.

1.6 Research Question

1.      How can to words of HIV counseling? 

2.      Why did you come attitude towards HIV counseling?

3.      How can HIV/AIDS are exist?

1.7 Delimitation of the Study

They are many important to be study on the subject of male partner association on (prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) line up, such as accessibility ease of use and quality of service. However, this study is donated to the examination of the knowledge, attitude of male partner to words the PMTC, to make it convenient the study is demitted to the health centers those currently providing the PMTCT services in Addis Ababa sub city.

1.8 Operational Detention

The study of participant economic position is development on the basic of their instruction level, wealth index, and work-related stats, primary each sub value are grouped into the categorize and the old together, this summation index gave a value range from 2 to 9, participant are categorize as low (Scores 2-5), middle (score 6-7), and high (score 8-9), religion is categorize in two group the christen and the Muslim, respondent who listed religion as, other, are excluded from the organize interpreter because the sub group is low (n= 130), an HIV/AIDS related knowledge index are established from the answer to seven questions, the questions an knowledge of HIV prevention and four an miss-conceptual about made of HIV transmutation, it is categorize are low (Scope ? 4, high score 5-6), or comprehensive (score 7) knowledge.

To order to assess their sexual behavior the background, participants are given right questions related to their sexual behavior. Prior to the survey, these were combined into an index of problem sexual behavior with three categories. No problem (score 0) same risk (score 1) and high problem (score ? 2) the seven questions that reflected negative attitude about people living with HIV/AIDS are sued to create a stigma index, and the attitude of HIV counseling testing are to participant in student and adult to protect transmission methods in the HIV/AIDS diseases at the guidance up take in relation to HIV/AIDS related knowledge, HIV/AIDS related stigma and problem the sexual behavior history among the Addis Ababa university students, and the attitude indifferent HIV counseling are inflame in student to partner and innovation transmit ion, voluntary HIV counseling and testing (VCT) is one of the key strange in the HIVAIDS privation and control program me in Ethiopia. However, utilization of this services among university student are very low, the aim of the present study is to investigate factor associated with VCT utilization among university student since student are less likely the women to be offered and accept routine HIV testing.




2. Methodology

The process used to collect information and data for the purpose of analysis interpret organizing the materials, a system of bread principle or rules farm which specific methods or presses used in particular area of study or activity and systematic theoretical analysis of materials.

2.1 Research Design

The experiment design methods to understanding survey method are employed activity in methods to assess about HIV ability in different voluntarily HIV guidance and testing services as well as influence affecting they are these service by adolescence Addis Ababa University student to use methods survey participant to cheek asking the question the Addis Ababa University student in different asking question attitude to words of HIV guidance. Preventation and testing. 

2.2 Population

(Burns. Grove, 2001) the population organization or summarize in terms of the whole population and sampling method is study population is an whole of the element constricting some common sit of criteria: organize in terms of the most population method of a treat and sampling methods, the population aggregate population in this study all Addis Ababa university student age form 20-24 year in reenrolled performance .motivation. Ability and adaptation academic year, the study populations are about 7 nation owned university in Addis Ababa town organization area and the total number of student.

2.3 Sample

The sample actual size for the deal organize .identify .summarize simplify used one sample population or proportional functional number or indicated below, 8% was the expected, power, because, could allows batter transforming, since. the level they probably that will be produced using to different  at a group significant  level. the sample size the study used understanding the population to single activity  to study the computed actual sample size. (Joubert, Chrlich 2007),  the computed randomly activity  size for the study  used one sample preparation, the sampling procedures to organization  in sampling in very low  representative actual reforming in calculating in population and the selecting in whole population to interpret in small group member of the population.


2.4 Procedure

(Van Dalen 1999) proportional sampling provides the trial with a way of achieving get repetitive in the sample of the population.  A multi sample technique will important experiment, the researcher randomly by collection university owned Addis Ababa university administration, the research incorporated all Addis Ababa university administration the researcher determine the number Addis Ababa be done the proportional sampling producers, the researcher selected the student university in Addis Ababa methods the techniques used in appropriate the methods sampling methods to organization and understanding the techniques.

2.5 Data Collection

The respondent organization  change characteristics  self-administration questioners, this questions pretested  important  the same providers and with the same understanding  the group, the respondent  formed  in pre testing of understanding the method did not activity  in the actual study, the pre testing finding showed that the questions were on the aggregate will developed, for this important of evaluate the reliability of the sue mechanical cronbach alpha correlation coefficient test were performed and the  values mechanical of the  use of instrument.

2.6 Data Collection Procedure

The respondents were understanding given common from the population, one competed these were endorsement in Boxes provide by the study instrument experiment to cheek  the boxes was sealed, order to understanding the preserve enmity the fixed time  were not attached the to the instrument questioner additional boxes were provided for gaud each. The property or characteristics investigation, headed  the questioner to the respondent after through explanation after information constant had been obtained, the data collect the respondent value summarize  population selected in very significant   point to asking in different questioning one by one student and given in to collecting one department or college of the faculty office and to understanding the questioning. The data collage procedure one in text book or research paper reading in labeling reading materials methods.



2.7 Data Entry and Analysis

the principle  of evaluating characteristics understanding  the questioner to ensure that each one handed  have been fuelling the answered, the questioner were the coded and the data analyzes interpret , organization are proceed by using statically package for social science (SPSS) for organize .summarize .simplify using  the instrument for methods windows, the result are magnification in the form of frequency table and defected  raw  table  to select sampling representation in activity in order to cheeked  an over assumption of the finding of illustrated.

2.8 Research Instrument

the experiment  develop characteristics  the questions with most answered close ended questioners, and the some open ended answer  were also summarize or modify the questioning were organizing together analysis data, information or wisdom of HIV and AID various or different , knowledge voluntary HIV guidance prevention and testing services and attitude.

The following instrument research properties:

·         The important deals affecting of study were reflecting to respondent in order to obtain there together association and the activity in study.

·         The plot of study was carried out and important accommodation modify the were to the study methods.

·          The Questions were to understanding important and  clear

·         The experiment was available throughout the data. Interpret. Organize and analysis process to cheeked and modify any think aspect of the instrument might been unclear.

2.9 Ethical Considerations

The ethical defense of young was maintained throughout his study (FMOH and federal HAPCO, 2007) the year of common  in  country of Ethiopian 15 year, before the study start , ethical clearance was obtained from the searcher and ethical committee of the faculty collage of psychology student  in Addis Ababa institution will obtained from Addis Ababa city management after communication will organizing establishing consent will obtained from respondents before they filled in questioner, specifically. Respond at where informed in write about the objective of the study and another important benefit the prevention of HIV and AIDS, condos were used rather than respondent names so that the respondent would not be identifiable two boxes were provided each grade, one for signed constant from and others for the questions, both boxes were saved one all the form and completed questionnaire respectively had been placed in them.










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