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Picture yourself living in a world that was like every apocalyptic movie you’ve ever seen. Where in 1,000 years from now buildings and landscapes turn to dust. What you once knew as beautiful is now just a wasteland. The cause being the people not treating the world as if they didn’t care. Diseases. The air was continuously being polluted. Drinking water lost it’s purity. Plants and skies besmirching and dying off. Through any other apocalyptic scenario, a wasteland is more distinguishable due to the obvious reasons of what the world was like before the End of the World. The world isn’t perfect. It’s never been. And if it were then we could consider the garden scenario. As perfect and good as it sounds, a more pragmatic approach to this scenario is that when people know the world is about to end, then it’s every man for themselve. Bill Joy, a professor at Berkeley University said “For hundreds and thousands of years the more we succeed in colonizing, the more we seem to allow the destruction of nature” ( People are uncontrollable. You cannot control nature or a person’s actions. Pollution has always been a factor in society. The world has not changed it’s ways nor will it ever change. The way that we trash our world with plastic and toxic chemicals. When Nash says “Humans have proved to  be terrible neighbors to most of the rest of life on the planet. We did not share well. Growth was confused with progress. Centuries of deficit environmental financing of too large and sprawling civilization has brought the ecosystem…” he’s saying that we are not being considerate and we are not sharing. Pollution has caused global warming and tons of trash that is just deteriorating the planet. We seem to not care about the lifestyle of where we live that impacts others around us. What we live off of is mainly all manufactured goods. We throw thes plastic and other goods onn floors thinking since no one saw it and it’s out of sight that is is okay. WE ARE THE “DEATH STAR” as Nash said in the article.

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