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industry is a profitable industry and is running form a billion-dollar to a trillion-dollar
industry. On a global scale, the pharmaceutical market revenue has crossed one
trillion USD in 2014 for the first time and still counting (Statista, 2017). North America is responsible for the
largest portion of these revenues (Statista, 2017). The Chinese
pharmaceutical sector has shown highest growth rates over previous years.

Different pharmaceutical companies have different revenue growth for every year.

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Pharmaceutical industry is under constant scrutiny regarding the way it
operates (Pharmiweb, 2005). The
United States (U.S.) market, which captures 43% of worldwide pharmaceutical
sales, is the world’s largest market for pharmaceuticals, and is expected to
encounter a growth of 8–9% in 2006 (Health, 2005). The largest pharmaceutical market after the
US is the UK. According
to the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, Britain’s
pharmaceutical industry brought in a trade surplus of £ 3.6 billion in 2004,
and after the U.S., the market share of pharmaceutical companies in Britain
amounted to more than all its European competitors combined.

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