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Personal Statement

MA Media and Communication

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Katarina Zatkova


My interest in studying media and communication (MA) comes from my
background activities and my previous studies (digital arts). Media of today is
playing a significant role in sharpening of public opinion and strengthening of
society and I am fascinated by the speed digital world is taking upon not only
mine, but all generations. Therefore, I have decided to carry on with my
studies and take an in-depth exploration of an aspect of theory or practice
throughout this degree.


course covers modules that are not just about watching films and reading newspapers.
It is about actively engaging with media practice, theory and production. I
also like that you give the students a space to be creative; as well as an
opportunity to develop their skills within social, economic, political and
policy context of media and communications. I was a part of a volunteering
project based in Indonesia last summer, and this experience just acknowledged
me in persuading my career in a multicultural environment. I like that this
degree provides you with an extensive knowledge on understanding of the impact
of globalisation on media and communication. I find it spectacular yet a little
scary how many people are influenced by media without even knowing it. That is
why I believe learning the methodological approaches and tools to effectively
research in the field would help me understand how this industry works and
later help me apply it in my future job.


My first
degree is in Digital Arts (University of Kent). It has been an amazing and
challenging journey to study such an interesting subject that gives you a free
hand in terms of creativity, technology and innovation. I have gained skills
that will help me in my future career ambitions and I have learned how
important digital technology and media are in a modern society. Whilst being in
this kind of environment; I have expanded skills like good project management,
critical thinking and strong work ethic. Alongside studying, I have been
working at the restaurant where I had to talk to customers on a daily basis,
which gave me a valuable insight into working with public. Having the
opportunity to talk to strangers and discussing various subjects gave me a
range of communication skills for life. I have also been a part of our digital
media society at my university where we have been doing several promo videos
for charities and different societies. This has helped me a lot and opened my
eyes in terms of what I want to do in my life and in the future I would like to
work as a media specialist or a programme researcher; where I could have a
closer look on what content is produced and how is it efficient for the


The opportunity to study this course
at Your University would help me develop and gain in-depth knowledge and skills
within these two platforms. City University of London has a large amount
of tutors with research interests in Media and Communication and I would
love to advance my knowledge at the right institution.

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