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Performance Management is the process of creating an action environment or setting in which people are able to perform their skills best. Performance management is a system which starts as the job is defined and when an employee leaves your organization, it’s the end of it

Setting Performance Standards & Expectations

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They explain the behavior and actions that explain how the task can be accomplished, as well as the expected results for satisfactory performance. They tell the employee what a good job it looks like. The purpose of performance standards is to anticipate


How Performance Reports are written

Here at Hitech networks (Pvt.) Ltd. the HR manager combines information, analysis, honesty and tact. This also includes the knowledge related to the specific profession and quality and accuracy of work, communication skills, adaptability and attendance. 

Employee compensation & benefits

Type of compensation & benefits

Compensation includes supplemental wages,
which are paid in addition to regular wages, overtime pay and severance pay.  Non-performance based bonuses. Benefits
include free lunch and accumulated sick leave.

Organizational career management

This Refers to the management process for the
development and promote employees career management in organization’s

Employee job changes

Sometime company lose the workers or hire more
workers some employees have extra responsibility or duty; some employees
resigned from the employee or some time his duties are assigned to another


Job changes with the organization 

Employees get promoted to higher position because
of good performance and sometime to fill the higher position due to the
experience they have. 

transfer employees from one branch to another and sometime across cities to
have skill worker required at specified position or some time in different

Demotion is type of punishment given to the
incompetent employees for not show good results in his job or some time mistake
of serious nature is committed by the employee. Here demotion is done rarely
but they use it for the disciplinary action and to implement the task in time.


This is a
common practice in Hitech networks Pvt. Ltd. as soon as the project is
completed the employees were suspended and sometime permanently terminated. 

got terminated against their will and this may be for cause or lack of work. In
competent and employees not performing well or violating the company rules were

When an
employee decided to resign from his current position, he tells the HR manager
in face to face conversation and some employees do hand over their resignation
letter in printed form. 

Employees got retired
as they reach the age of 60 years but some employees may get and early
retirement at their own will.

Labor management relations

management here at Hitech networks (Pvt.) Ltd. Has always recognized and respected
the right of employees to exercise their lawful rights of association including
joining or joining any association.

purpose of freedom the workers and management association is to eliminate the
gap among workers and management to resolve the issues of worker.

has set up a joint management board and work council to promote a good relation
among the worker and the management.

networks (Pvt.) Ltd working pretty hard to build a healthy relationship with
labor and they allow workers to contact to management directly if they have any
problem regarding their work or with the management. Suggestion and complaint
boxes are present at the different place in the company so that if any worker
who is unable to meet to the management directly can put his suggestion or
complaint in the suggestion or complaint box.

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